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Sjiq by Novo Typo

Sjiq, a new typeface by Novo Typo – (type)designers from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Beautiful typefaces from The Netherlands
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Please critique and give your thoughts on my student work. Criticism both constructive and otherwise is expected.

Thanks in advance.
- Josh Pellegrin

A new typeface designed by British type designer Philip Kelly.
Although Fantail is caps only, there is an extensive character count and you can set in the French, German and Spanish languages.

The design has echoes of Art Deco with a touch of the Arts and Crafts movement.

Anybody seen Forza implemented yet?

I am curious to see it in some stuff before I take the plunge. Any links/images are appreciated.

Also, does anyone know what the type is in the Twitter ad on the right side for Typophile?

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hello everybody

this is the first time I ever post anything in the web. so I´m kind of excited.

here I show you gaenno my first typeface, this are the first letter I have.

I hope some of you watch them and wish you could send me some feedback


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Anglaise is out!

I am happy to announce that Anglaise is now for sale on MyFonts.

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