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I'm looking for a google web font similar to Apex – anyone know of anything close?


Hello Typophile. Long time lurker, first time poster.

I need to create a banner for a band's myspace and website. They're bluesy, contemporary, and young. They have this older kick ass soul singer. The name is "Brownish Black." Any suggestions? Ideally with the "B" being the main feature.


I'm on a hot search for headline type. I don't usually do this so fast, but we're under the gun to fix a broken situation. so here's the deal: I have until this afternoon to preset a headline (and companion text) face to meet these qualities.

- personal
- approachable
- authoritative
- passionate
- happy

it's going in print (catalogs, mailers, signage, etc) and online. right now, print is the first order of business. it's going to sit with food. and it will be mostly for mood, not necessarily promotion (I think that's where a good companion face will come in handy).

I'm working from the type specimens I have on hand, but I know there's a lot more out there. what do you guys think?

Hey yall, I was hoping to get some feedback or suggestions. I am currently in the process of creating a logo for a not for profit organization named Mercy Air, that provides helicopters and airplanes so that villages in remote areas of Africa can receive aid and resources, not just the easy to access places. The mark is still being edited, but the basic idea is there. My issue is with the font, I cannot seem to pick a font that says "mercy". I am trying to convey too much? Would it be better to keep it clean/contemporary and use a simple sans serif, or should I try to "fancy" it out? Any comments and suggestions are welcome.


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