Yesterday I released Last night it was trending worldwide on Twitter, was featured on the front page of Mashable, Reddit, Hacker News, The Verge, everything! It has been downloaded well over 10,000 times in the last 24 hours, and there are an average rate of 800 people viewing the site at any one time.

I created the font in TypeTool, the cut down version of Font Lab. It was a two year side-project and I put a hell of a lot of work into it, but it needs a final polish from someone far more experienced than I am.

My name is Craig Rozynski. I've been working as a graphic designer for 15 years. 7 of those as a freelancer. I know how to run a project and you'll be in good hands. I am looking for someone to:

1. I'd like to know if all the typefaces of Herb Lubalin are available on digital format?
2. How many typefaces did he fashion with or without Tom Carnase?

Find a rough list of his work : Avant Garde Gothic, Lubalin Graph, Serif Gothic, Ronda, Didi.
Are there anymore typefaces?

3. How do you define the style of Herb Lubalin and what's his artistical leaning?

Thanks in advance.

I´ve started a quite interesting project on a font face that I´ve called "Drops", but I´m not skilled enough to
set the font as a working type face. It´s also not quite finished, so I´m looking for someone who´s interested in
finishing it for me.
You will be appointed as collaberative founder, and you will get paid by me if you can do the job right :)
Here´s a sample, let me know if you´re interested and I´ll show you the whole story...



I hope it's the good place to ask you the name of this font!
I found this font one or 2 years before and I wrote that:

Thank you so much!
WhatTheFont didn't find anything :/


Hey! I was wondering if anyone knew what this font was off the top of their heads please :) ?

Hello everyone, working a small project for a family friend. Company name is Elite Marble & Granite. Name pretty much what they do. They want to come across a professional and established company. "Simple" and "Clean" are the two most used words when describing the feel. Because of the name "Elite" I thought number 1, top notch and royalty. I explored with granite slab idea in the #1. Three slabs making an "E" and crown. #2 takes on the "number 1" idea. Converted the "I" into a one and used a rectangle to show the slab of granite/marble. #3 is a play on the letter "E" and swirls of color/pattern variations in the stone work. #4 focus on the royalty idea.

Here are some first draft ideas. Do anyone of these jump out at you? Thank you.

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Info about lettering

Hello, my name is Aleix and I'm a spanish graphic design student. This is my first post, so be nice!! hehe

My typography teacher wants us to do a type catalog about any typography subject. I chosed lettering and I divide it this way:

  • [manual lettering] before computer age (I know a spanish letterer called Ricardo Russelot but I can't find any info, I guess I'll just contact him)
  • [computer age] before open type (I don't know any authors here... could be some emigre's fonts?)
  • [computer age] after open type (underware, sudtipos, house industries?)
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