handmade letterforms

I'm currently working on a project at university, trying to create a typeface in both English and Japanese that work with each other seamlessly. What Im curious to find out is;

- Your thoughts on the idea
- Any suggestions or recomendations
- Any really good or even really bad examples of these two languages at play.

Thanks for your help.

The month of April marks the 2nd Annual Student xType Culture Show at Seattle Central Community College's Hunter Art Gallery. This show features the work of 48 students creating 26 letters of experiments in typography. See fonts which are illustrated, animated, baked, bleached, and even blighted with bullets. The rules of play were to construct an experimental display font of 26 letters out of any media (with the exception of flammable, toxic or xRated, but this edict was even ignored), and they were bound only by time, money, materials and their imagination.

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