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sexy sans serif

really like the leg of the "R" very "avant garde"ish, but obviously condensed. any ideas on the font? looking at the "by the numbers" font.

Anyone? Thanks!

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Hi there, I'm searching for a font and the online tools have failed me. I have searched my own fonts and the closest matches were Futura and Antique Olive but I don't know for sure if I'm in the right direction. Does anyone know this font?

Hello everyone, I looked for this font, but had no such luck. I'm redoing a shirt design, but no one has the name of the font. Please help. Thanks!

Have been seeing this typeface (Dead Kennedys) in GQ for some time now.
I'm assuming it's another commissioned face but thought
I would try other opinions here.

Thanks for the help.

Hi there

Is anyone able to identify the font used in this image? I feel rather feeble…

Can some tell me a font close to the one shown? Particularly the forms of the p, r and s. Grazie.

This is my first attempt at designing a (very rudimentary) typeface.

I've used a simple system where each letter is based on the letter "o" – although I'm aware that such a rigid approach is problematic to say the least. (I've tweaked only a few letters so far.)

All feedback on further alterations I need to consider, etc, would be much appreciated, thanks.

hey guys,

I'm an editor of a University student-run magazine and I'm trying to work out what the font of the attached pamphlet cover is - I'm fascinated with its minimalism!

This is driving me crazy! I'm sure it's something really obvious. The lower central bar of the E and B reminds me of art deco fonts....Any help will be greatly appreciated :-)

Hi everybody. I cannot for the life of me ID this font! All help massively appreciated.

Thanks x

Okay, so this type, i've been looking for it for days, it reminds me of Futura, but it doesn't fit the C nor the M. I've concluded it down to Mostra-type or alike.

Do you think it's a modified type?
If i would say a thicker version of this Gothic type

would i be right?

When merely "extended" just would not do, here is Paragraph Stretch™: a super extended or elongated geometric display typeface. It is a modular unicase typeface: the capitals and lower case fit the same height and width, so they are interchangeable: fancy a round "W" in all caps? Use the lower case. Want a straight "x" in lower case? Use the cap. And so on. Designed for use at larger sizes for logotypes, short titles or headings. It supports Western plus Nordic, Eastern European and Turkish languages.

Available from MyFonts.

Hi All -

I'm hoping to find this font, or something similar. The '02' might be different than 'PERFORM'.

Thanks in advance


Hi there! Does anyone have any information about the sans serif font, Compacta? My classmate and I were assigned to this font and are required to do a research on it. So far i have got the year it was created and the creator, Fred Lambert. I need the history of the font; eg. why is it named compacta, how the designer came about this design. We failed this assignment as we did not have enough information and now are given a second chance. Pls pls help us if you know anything or if you have any related links! Thank you so much!!

I keep getting close, but still nothing exact on my company's logo. It's origin is our parent company in Germany, and finding out what it is will be a nightmare judging by other info we try to get.

Help ID this:

From Logo

Thanks in advance!

Hello everybody!!

I'm working on my first font, please share some advices about the progress of my neohumanist sanserif. Thanks

From what I assume its a Helvetica/Futura combo. But I’m looking for specifics? Thoughts?

this looks like something they might have put together themselves at casco... any similar suggestions?

...but not quite. Any ideas?

Anyone seen this guy around? I can't put my finger on where I have seen it.

This logo was developed recently and it has been unusually difficult trying to get an answer out of the brand agency as to what font(s) make up the logo they have developed. I have tried to match up a font but so far unsuccessfully.

It would be great if anyone could help me id the font in this logo so we can build some new creative inline with the logo design.



Can anyone help me identify this font?



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