sans serif

Can't seem to find this font anywhere, although I'm sure it's a common one.

Thanks for any help!


Please can someone urgently (or as quickly as posible) let me know what the font is used for RIVER ISLAND's new branding?

Kind Regards

Hi. I'm looking to see if anyone can help me ID the font used here:

It doesn't look like a default web font due to its modular composition, and the fact that the page source code's only CSS class with font settings are like so:

.Estilo5 {font-size: 10px}

..which is not a web font. Seems to be part of a custom font markup tool. I've also looked all over the web for a typeface with any variation of "estilo5", and nothing comes close to looking like it.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, does anyone know the condensed rounded sans that is used in this amtrak ad? Thanks!

Hi, does anyone know the condensed rounded sans that is used in this amtrak ad? Thanks!

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some critiques for this project I'm working on at the moment. This is my first type design project so far.

Anyone have idea of what the beautiful font (In Green) is? Thanks!

Can someone name that font?

Can anyone tell me what font is used in the Gone Freelancing logo? Seen here:


Hello typophiles,

Can someone please identify this font with curly R's and W's (amongst other letters)? My first example is from a design agency's logo. I'm thinking it was customized...I'm pretty sure my second example is a real font out there. Either way, I'm looking for a font that would have a curly R. Thin and bolder options would be nice.

Thank you!

I saw a scan of the front-page of this 1898 French newspaper, and it's captivated me. I know it's highly unlikely there's an exact match, being so old, but something close would be awesome too. It's somewhat like Landry Gothic, but it's different in the shape of the R and the E's subtle slope down on the top leg, and therefore has too contemporary a feel.

I am desperately trying to find what this logo may be. It may not exist as an outline. Any suggestions of siilar fonts will e very helpful. Thanks!

I would appreciate it, if somebody could tell me which font this is and where to buy it.

This example was taken from fashion magazine 10.

Thank you!

Maax is a sans serif font with 3 sets of alternatives glyphes; standard, geometrical, grotesque
Created by Damien Gautier and Quentin Margat (bureau 205)
Maax contains 4 cuts (Regular, Medium, Bold and Black) and 3 italics (Italic, Medium Italic and Bold Italic).
Maax will be available on february 2012 on


Hello type aficionados,

This is the trailer title for a new French film, Tomboy. Please help ID the typeface used or suggest other sans serifs with similar slight rounded quality (aside from Garage Gothic).

Thank you!


Looking for someone to please ID this font, sans serif, not hugely different from Futura/Avenir but I love the lower case a and g.

Any help much appreciated.


Hi, can anyone help me identify these two fonts? Thanks!

Hey all,

Was wondering if you could help me identify this font:

It may be two different fonts, not positive

Thank you!

Hi! A fresh typography enthusiast and new to Typophile. Looking to find out the two typefaces used in this beautiful logo of a market in Brooklyn, NY.

More examples can be found at:

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