sans serif

Can someone name that font:

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please help

I wonder if anyone can help identifiyng this font... Thanks!

This is going in a wedding invitation. The text reads

Fanny + Anton
21 maj 2011

Would appriciate greatly if anyone could tell me what font this is!

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Font Family Suggestions

I'm looking for a font family of san serif and sans which would look great for a scientific book design. It will be on string theory. Any suggestions would be great.

The fonts I like are:

But I need to use a type with a sans serif and serif version rather than using two typefaces.

The original of this logo has been lost and I have been tasked with recreating it. Does anyone know what fonts these are?


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Light sans serif font


I'm new here, I'm very happy to have found this site :)
I've been trying to find out what exactly is this typeface I've seen in a flash template:
The "John Smith Photographer" text's font is what I would like to know.
I've found similars, but not this one.
Thank you for your help in advance.

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Easton Brand Logotype...

I am assuming this is custom type work, if you can prove me wrong that would be awesome.

The closest thing I've been able to find up to this point is Register by Device...

If anybody can suggest something even closer that would be most appreciated.

Thanks for any help in advance...

Can anybody help with the typeface they use for Good Health logo?
I tried WhatFontIs, IdentiFont and WhatTheFont with no lucl.
Thank you.

A sans-serif, condensed, narrow, geometrical typeface that seems to be based on a narrow vertical rectangle used as a grid with a 7:2 ratio, perhaps.
It was used for the masthead of an architectural magazine, in 1946. Reminded me of Wim Crouwel's Hiroshima poster (1957) and I wonder if that particular typeface was in turn based on other typographic/visual trends at the time. Thank you!

For "The President" at the bottom, any sans serif suggestions? Can't tell in the picture but it might be a serif, but i need that feel in sans serif.

So far I've got Engravers Gothic, Sakers Heavy, Sweet Bold, Clobber Grotesk, what else?

If anyone knows for real, I really like to know as well!


Hey I was wondering if anyone could help ID this cool sans serif font?

Sorry this is big, but what is this?

Helping a friend who needs to create replacement artwork for these souvenir glasses. Please email answers to me at


any ideas? i've been searching for this font for days. I have also tried identifont and whatthefont. I'm interested in the larger text.

Looking for ID of the large and medium-sized type here:

Many thanks,


Anyone have any clue what this font is?

Its used by Jan Banning on his website -

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Sans Serif Type id

Hi there, could anyone give me a hand identifying this typeface please?

Hi all,

It would be awesome if you could identify the font stating "WILSON" in this sample!

The gatefold album is from 1977.

FF Tisa Sans is Slovenian designer Mitja Miklavčič’s follow-up typeface to FF Tisa. Whether used together or separately, both of his families are excellent choices for branding projects and complex editorial applications. The original FF Tisa is one of the new-millennium favorites in the FontFont library—known for its sturdy and friendly forms, hence its common use in newspapers and magazines.

I found this poster for Interpol on the internet. I would appreciate if anyone tells me what typeface has been used. Looks a bit like Futura, but the t, f and e are rather different. Thanks in advance!


I'd like to identify this font that is similar to Helvetica Neue Thin but the bowls on the lowercase letters are open.

Can anyone help me with the typeface on "Avalon" in this logo?
I've been searching and can't crack this one.


Can't seem to find this font anywhere, although I'm sure it's a common one.

Thanks for any help!


Please can someone urgently (or as quickly as posible) let me know what the font is used for RIVER ISLAND's new branding?

Kind Regards

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