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Hi everyone
I need you help because I really can't find this exact font and my client is going nuts on me. And besides, I kinda like it :P
Does anyone recognize it?
Thank you!


Im trying to identify this quite basic looking sans serif font to ease my work.
(if i can't id it, ill have to retype a huge amount of text with a different font, as this one was outlined in the illustrator document I'm working with...)

Help is very much appreciated!

I feel as though I should know this one, but obviously I don't… Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone have ideas for the 2 fonts on this image?
Thank you very much!

Please help my identify this typeface

Hello, can anyone please ID this typeface from the 1988 movie poster for Married to the Mob.?

Thank you!

Monospaced fonts have never been a big favorite of mine but every once in a while I see one I like and this is such a case.

I am having a hard time finding this particular monospaced typeface. I've went through all the online resources I could muster and now I turn to the experts. It has a slight Eurostile feel to it for me.

Any help from the peanut gallery?

A friend asked me if I could help figure out this typeface and I'm a bit stumped. It almost reminds me a bit of Klavika Bold, but I know that's not quite it.

(Here's also a larger version of the image if that helps.)

Thanks so much!

— Ashley

I was meaning to post this in late May / early June, but it's been a crazy summer. I graduated from the University of the Arts in May, and since then I've adjusted to my first full-time design job while taking some time to enjoy the little things in life.

Anyhow, I was fortunate enough to take Font Design Lab under the brilliant Mike Abbink last semester. I developed a Humanist sans serif titled Agio, and I'd be interested in any feedback or criticism that you wise Typophiles are able to impart. I'm not sure where to go from here...keep tweaking? Develop a bold weight? Discover the maddening thrill of kerning tables? I'd like to start on a new weight, but I'm sure there's room for improvement before I go ahead.

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Sans Serif font

Can someone name that font?

Wrong forum, sorry.

Ran across this font on iTunes and took a screen grab. Any stabs would be AWESOME!

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Font ID

Hey everyone! Need a little help with this font ID. The ampersand and 'l' seem to be a great place to start.

Thanks in advance.

I need some help to identify this font
I've tried with some pages but i can't find this font

Please help me!

Thank you! :)

Thanks in advance ...

Can someone name that font?:

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Chorus Typeface

Chorus Typeface
In music Chorus means a collective effort to sing in unison. Harmony and uniformity are it's key characteristics, the same has been integrated in this typeface. Every letterform has been designed so as to reflect harmony and uniformity when used together to form a letter,
sentence or paragraph.

Available for purchase on:

Does anyone know these fonts?

Thank You!

Can someone name that font:

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please help

I wonder if anyone can help identifiyng this font... Thanks!

This is going in a wedding invitation. The text reads

Fanny + Anton
21 maj 2011

Would appriciate greatly if anyone could tell me what font this is!

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Font Family Suggestions

I'm looking for a font family of san serif and sans which would look great for a scientific book design. It will be on string theory. Any suggestions would be great.

The fonts I like are:

But I need to use a type with a sans serif and serif version rather than using two typefaces.

The original of this logo has been lost and I have been tasked with recreating it. Does anyone know what fonts these are?


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Light sans serif font


I'm new here, I'm very happy to have found this site :)
I've been trying to find out what exactly is this typeface I've seen in a flash template:
The "John Smith Photographer" text's font is what I would like to know.
I've found similars, but not this one.
Thank you for your help in advance.

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