sans serif

Any ideas? No luck with any other avenues so far. Be my saviors!

Any ideas on what this font is?


Looking for a recent british typeface, preferably sans serif. Don't want to use something like Gill Sans which has been used to death, so looking for something a little different.

Any help much appreciated

… very similar to Google’s Open Sans.


It seems to me that it's hard to find a sans-serif typeface that has anything other than identical or nearly-identical stroke weights throughout. I'm looking for something much more like a Didone, or at least a Garalde, in terms of stroke weight, but a sans-serif. Has anybody got any recommendations? Thanks!

Sjiq, a new typeface by Novo Typo – (type)designers from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Beautiful typefaces from The Netherlands
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Sjiq by Novo Typo

Sjiq, a new typeface by Novo Typo – (type)designers from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Beautiful typefaces from The Netherlands
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Rounded techno-ish font

Anyone able to identify the font that the "M" in this image?

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Sans Serif with Flair

Under a time crunch and must ID this font. Any help would be appreciated!

Can someone name that font?

Hi buddies!

I would like to know what font is this one...
Looks like a modified avant garde... i don't know.

you can see it in live here (in the header):

I've tried to look for it in the css with no success...

if anyone can help me out...

Thank you so much in advance!


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Name that Font

Hello all.

Can anyone identify this font?

Let me know what you think.

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Sans Serif font

Can someone name that font?

Can someone please ID this font for me?


Hi All.

I'm new to Typophile and trying to get a feel for how all this works. Sorry, in advance, if I'm out of line.

Got two typefaces in the attached images. Would love to know what they are.

DUNDERDON looks pretty close to Helvetica, but the R is different.

ADAM KIMMEL, I'm totally unsure.

Thanks for the help. Super grateful.

I'm doing a logo for a client of mine and I want to stick with the same font for the new logo - problem is I don't know exactly what the font is. Could anyone be of help here? Thanks!

The logo (it says "MAXEL") can be found here -

Hi y'all,
please help me id-ing this monospaced sans serif font.
Thanks a lot!

Hi there, I'm trying to identify these Bold fonts, which were used quite a bit during the late 80s and 90s for TV...

Please see File attachments, they appear to have a stroke added to the type also....

Hey everybody, I found this great logo and i was wondering if anyone can recognize the font. I thought at first it was Verve, but it is not. It's more geometric than verve. If anyone can help out I'd really apreciate it!

wondering what this font is called?
Or something very similar.
Thanks in advance!

About Concord
Yet another typeface with simplicity as it's core element. Concord is derived from a successful type family 'Accord Alternate' by giving geometric touch to it. Hence Concord is a geometric sans serif. It has large counters which enhance readability. It is available in seven different weights for emphasis.

Available at following websites:

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sans serif uppercase

Anyone know what font is this?

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