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Are any of the other letters available to see? and did anyone ever do a revival?

Announcing a new, very round typeface: Circula™. It is a simplified geometric display typeface based on circles. It contains capitals and small capitals only (no lower case), basic symbols, superior and inferior numbers and common fractions. It supports Eastern European, Baltic and Turkish character sets. The medium cut is free. Get it at Myfonts.

Anyone want to take a gander at which font this is? The "M" and "N" look a lot like Neutraface or Verlag, but the "Q" is really throwing a wrench in things.

Could someone help me with recognition?


A month ago, mainly as personal experience, i started these two families: and

(they are temporarily there while and are offline for a while for technical reasons)

The first were based on an academic work i did 10 years ago (an analysis on how can work together the roman square captials (lapidaria) with carolingian calligraphic lowercases, in a geometric sans-serif typeface ), and the other were a research and analysis desconstruction (not a ripoff) of how better readable can be a typeface based on Gustav Jaeger's Catull in a sans-serif drawing.

Anybody know what this is, or know of something similar?

I have an old Sanyo portable cassette player, and the labels on it are in an extended typeface that was relatively common for electronics back when transistor amplification (solid-state) was a whole new thing. I'd ideally like to find a set of it in movable type, but the name of the face would be a good start. I'm sure it has plenty of clones, so if anyone knows of one, it'd do for now.

Hi everyone

First time here, so please forgive any noobiness.

I'm working on a interface design which have to use this typeface I'm looking for.

And I've been handed some screens from the device (see the attachments)
I've already tried without any luck.

As you may see this face is very close to Meta but it has few differences on the lowercase a, i and B.
There is also the chance that this is a exclusive custom typeface used by this client.

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.

I'm using ITC Kabel as a headline font and I'm looking for a font for the body copy that would complement it nicely. The body uses italic and roman and the type will be reversed on a dark background. So, it seems like a sans serif font would be more legible but, I don't want to use kabel for copy and I'm not sure about using two sans serif font's together.

What do you think about using two sans serif font on the same piece?

If I should stick with a serif font, what would be most legible reversed out?

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Font in BMW Nav Unit

BMW updated their nav/control unit in 2010 models and IMO they did an excellent job selecting new typeface for it. It looks clean, restrained and contemporary. The question of course is what it is:


Did you know this extended font. (it is not engraver gothic)

I am quite hoping to identify the font from the 1961 poster for "The Frightened City." I am guessing the stencil variety was custom and is not available, however, I would be perfectly content knowing the basic font character set used here or any other information about these characters. I've been searching for a few years for this font, but with no luck. Proxima Nova condensed Black is somewhat close, but not exactly it. The Gs, Cs, and Rs are not right. Thanks much in advance!!

check the image, its similar to salzburg and castle ef

used here

i feel like its probably custom, but i also feel i have seen other designers use it.

trying to figure out the type in pentagrams identity for grant thornton. the 'a' reminds me of universe while the 'g'seems a bit more like avenir or gotham.

Hello everybody.
I'm desperately trying to find what is the font used by the Opera National de Bordeaux.

Woah, it's been a while since I've been on here!

I've recently been checking out/using the Droid font (Google's android OS font) in a current project. Could anyone recommend an alternative which is easy to read, that has both a serif and sans serif version?

(It's main use in the project will be for a design research summary document that will be available online (for visitors/potential clients to download and print), or printed and sent out).

Look forward to your suggestions!

Cheers in advance,

"Normandie" is a new Art Deco / industrial sans font I've designed, named after the 1930's French ocean liner SS Normandie. I currently have nine weights done, though next I'm planning on adding a set of italics as well as perhaps a condensed variant.

Since Normandie is really only designed to work at display sizes, I've also designed a "companion", called "Normandie Text". I've toned down some of the more eccentric pieces of the original Normandie design, enlarged the x-height, slightly condensed the uppercase and altered the forms slightly to make it less "geometric". The hope is that this will read well at text sizes while still acting as a "little brother" to Normandie.

Let me know what you think!

I've been working on this font for about 5 months, and I figure it's about time to get some fresh eyes on it. It's designed to work at both text and display sizes -- my goal is for it to be bold and interesting at large sizes but be extremely legible at small sizes while taking up the least amount of room.

I currently have seven different weights, though I am also planning on doing a set of obliques (I will probably do true italic characters as alternates, or vice-versa) as well as small caps/fractions/old-style figures/other OpenType features.

Let me know what you think!

Hi there!

Anyone recognise the font used for "merch"? Looking for that font or something very similar?

Hi there,

I'm looking for a font that is similar to this one:

This would have been fine but the 'S' has been really lazily executed, so I refuse to use it as it would bug the hell out of me. Any suggestions would be welcome.


Hi guys,

Need some typophiles' recommendations for a good font to be used for a detergent bottle, like Tide, etc, sans serif, italic... it's not for a real detergent, just a promo piece otherwise I'd be getting a designer involved. Whatdyareckon?...





Can't find exact match to this font. In original version should'nt be with the "grunge effect". Seems similar to EF Microgramma, but it's not the same. Anyone could help out with the name of typeface?

Thanx in advance!

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Hi all,

I've been working on and off on this typeface for the last few months. While I did start creating one a few years ago, I'd consider this my first "real" attempt at a full font. While a lot of the details are more suited to display purposes, I'm also trying to make it work at smaller sizes (maybe a separate text version?).

I haven't really shown it to many people yet and I'd like to know what you think and if it's worth continuing with. I'm mainly concerned about it looking too amateur-ish and wanted to know if there are any glaring beginner mistakes/things I've missed.

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