sans serif

I would like to know what modern typeface is used in the attached logo. I also want to know which sans serif typeface is paired with it. Please let me know if you can help ID it! Thanks!

I'm looking to ID this funky Sans Serif. Any help would be appreciated.

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ID this sans

Hi typophiles,

Could I get help with ID'ing the attached typeface?



Hello! I'd like to know your opinion, please!

Is Scala Sans a good typeface for running text (body text)? (even thought its typographic colour seems a little "dark" and similar to Gill Sans, in my humble opinion)

I really mean the sans version, not the serif one! (not Scala)

And if it is good for running text, which typeface could be a good companion for it? (another sans, maybe for display headlines on a magazine?)

I know there is a controversy mixing a sans serif with other sans serif, but I've seen it in use and it could work, sometimes, I guess?

What do you people think? (maybe Scala Sans with TheSans or Scala Sans with DIN?)

Thanks for your feedback!

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starbucks blend query

Starbucks has come out with quite a nice combo .. but have no idea what they are. Anyone with ideas?
thx. in advance.

Can anyone identify this font? It looks like a very slim version of Myriad.

I'm trying to identify the font(s) used in this Billboard Magazine chart. I believe, based on the songs listed, that this is from 1969 or thereabouts. That's all the information I have. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Kaleidoscope App Logotype

Would anyone happen to know what the font is for this logo?


Any help on this one? Should be fairly basic but I can't figure it out!

Thanks in advance,

I need a beautiful E for a design.
iit has to be unique and powerful.
i was thinking more of a decorative e than serif or sans serif.
could you help me out?
thank you.

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Retro-ish sans serif

Tried various font identifying websites to no avail so thought I would consult the pros. Thanks!

I'm pretty sure this was digitized by Adobe back in the 1990s, but in looking through my old catalogs I simply cannot place it. The lowercase A and L are really unique to this sans serif that looks a lot like Helvetica, but definitely isn't.

I feel like I have been seeing this style applied a lot recently. Is this just a mix of two weights...if so, what's the type?




I'm in the middle of a town branding project for the city of Elk Horn in Iowa. The city has the largest percentage population of Danish residents in America. It also boasts the only Danish windmill to ever leave Denmark.

Our group has only just started the ideation and conceptualizing a series of symbols and color schemes to represent the town.

We are searching for possible typeface solutions to use throughout the signage for the town.

In our research we came up with these two typefaces being used as signage in Europe. I think the team overall appreciates the large x-height and overall verticality.

If anyone can identify these typefaces or point me in the direction of any alternatives that would be great.

Would anyone help identify this typeface?

The one that is on the back of the woman's jacket in the beginning of the video.

Thanks in advance!

The Northern European Type Collaboration Typolar has started. Find us at Founded by type designers Saku Heinänen, Jarno Lukkarila and Teemu Ollikainen, Typolar operates from Helsinki and London.

Typolar builds on the Nordic tradition of sturdy functionalism. For us it means fresh ideas and practical results. Working closely with publishing industries has made our typefaces naturally suitable for editorial work. However, many have found them highly useful in branding and identities as well. And that’s how we like it.

Can anyone ID what font the title is in (La Belle Epoque de Jules Cheret...)

Thank you i've been freaking out!

Any clue to identify this font?

At first I thought this was Barnbrook's State Machine, but looking at it closely, it definitley is not. I can't place it though. I don't know of a typeface with a similar 'G'.

Any ideas?

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Sans serif

Its probably quite simple but nobody has been able to help me so far? Any help is appreciated!

I know that most of you typophiles are experts and comments from you all are more then welcome, but I'm at a bit of a loss at the moment. So, I'm hoping there's someone among you who's willing to spend some time for the next four weeks (there's a selfproclaimed deadline) close guiding me.
In short: I'm looking for personal contact by e-mail or forum with someone who is willing and able to guide me through (what I hope to be) the final stages of designing, kerning and hinting my type design Aubaine.

Any takers?

Hello everyone,
I've been working on a font for a while and I want to take it into a development program to become functional.
However, I want the shapes to be as refined as possible before offering it to the world.

Please be critical, I am taking all comments into consideration.

If you'd like a closer view of a letter or letters please ask and I can attach additional files for critiquing.

Thank you

Is there a sans serif typeface that is similar to Mantinia?

I'm looking for a sans serif typeface with distinctive ligatures, raised small capitals, and tall capitals; but NOT like Mason Sans (by Emigre) which is too medieval.

Although Sevigne by Reserves has lots of ligatures and it doesn't contain raised small capitals and it's too thin.

Does anyone know?


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