I am working on an article about how to explain to clients why fonts and typography matter.

I have amassed a good array of facts, arguments and analogies over the years (though I always welcome more). What I’m really looking for are some good anecdotes about clients questioning the value of typography and fonts, and the dialogue you had with them. Is this a frequent or perennial problem for you?

To be quoted in the article it would be helpful for me to have your real name, and where you are based.



Hi guys,

I recently started working as a freelancer and have started taking on a few jobs. I was wondering what the protocol you all had for dealing with clients. I usually start with an insanely detailed design brief that highlights the project, the deliverables, timeline, schedule, deadlines, the prerequisite materials being handed over, examples of what to do, examples of what NOT to do etc. I've been trying to leave as little ambiguity in the air before starting a project. Is this correct? can you think of any books or resources i ought to reference?


How do you usually bill clients? Hourly? Standard rate dependent on product etc?

Utterly confused,

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