Today I decided to set up a blog and stay on it! I tried wordpress and blogger but wasn't happy with the layout etc so why not put down my ideas on a blog related to a subject that I am very much interested in at the moment?

The past few days I have been following and reading almost every article on the personal blogs of two Lebanese designers: Pascal Zoghbi and Nadine Chahine. I really loved Pascals blog better ( sorry Nadine!)They both did their MA in typography and Arabic type design which is the main reason why I tried to investigate the subjects they researched on and the impact it has had on their work.

I am in a rush to leave but will shortly upload what I have come across in a separate blog :-)

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Path Direction Question

I have been converting fonts from PostScript / TrueType that I originally designed in Fontographer to OpenType fonts using Font Lab 5.0.4 MAC version.

In Fontographer, a CORRECT path direction is defined as having the outer contour or path of a glyph running clockwise, and the inside counters of a glyph running counter-clockwise. An INCORRECT path direction will result in the character looking heavy.

It appears to me that FONT LAB has the paths running in the opposite direction from Fontographer. Is this true, or am I reading it incorrectly?

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