im Indonesian.Im not rich and im not poor (im ordinary).

I love typography a lot. I want to learn typography much more. I want to go to university and there is no specific typography university in Indonesia even in Asia. But, it seems so hard to find the proper university that provide scholarship. I prefer to go to Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Aus, and Other countries (except England and Japan -- coz the currency with IDR is extremely yaa.. you know)

I want your suggestion please... and please keep sharing if your are the one who studies in typography institute. All about typography institute in that mentioned countries.

Additional: What is the best Typography institute?

Gunarta :)

Hello everyone!

I've already read Luc de Groot's stuff and these forum's related topics, but I'm still wondering about this.

What's the best way to calculate the values between two weights?

For instance: I have a Harline and a Heavy cut as my two extremes and I want to generate instances for the other weights. The thing is that I was these instances to be optically appealing.

Thank you in advance.

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