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During the last few decades Greek typography has been strongly influenced by Latin elements. Often, there is substitution of Greek letters by Latin ones. A few designers try to preserve characteristic Greek typographic elements into their work, but overall Greek typography appears to trend towards Latin assimilation.

a) To define what constitutes Greek characteristics in a font,
b) To delineate the needs and problems faced by contemporary Greek typography end-users (graphic designers, book publishers of Greek texts, etc.)

a) How do you define or how do you approach the issue of a Greek characteristic in a font?
b) What questions would you have for end-users of your fonts?
c) Why do you design Greek fonts?

Hey All

I'd like to pass along a little long-term project I'm working on - it's a browser-based font editor. Sound interesting?

Hi all!

I've got a number of type faces in need of fontisizing. (That is, extending the character set and wrangling all the OT tables to make it work in modern usage)
For instance, see the thumbnails at
CyberGothic and Quanta Uncial are two initial prospects.

These are my own designs, with origins going back to the 1990s, when Alphabets was still a functioning foundry.

I have another family or two in progress based on the type in a book in my library from the early 1500s. These will have plenty of cool OpenType subs and so forth.

I am doing a project for my type class and I need to find opinions on the fonts created based on and done by Herb. My professor mentioned Eloquent but I am wondering if there are anymore out there that are based off his hand lettering style headlines? Or any that are based off his Herb Lubalin Inc. logo?

I'm trying to determine the manufacturer of a font I've used in a particular project on behalf of a client. They would like to purchase a license and use the same exact font in designing materials in-house. Does anyone know how to track done such info on a font you've been using forever and have no idea where you purchased it?


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