Hey everyone!

Has anyone noticed that it is difficult to set body text in Soho Regular?

For me Regular it seems a bit to dark, whereas Light does the job much better. Also, probably due to the large x-height the Auto leading value of 120% is way too tight. Although, I think the large x-height is also responsible for high legibility and readability in small sizes, which is a good thing.

My own experimentation led me to a decision of using Soho Light 7.5/11.5 pt or 8/12 pt for body text.

Does anyone have any experience working with this typeface? Any comments/tips?

I am creating a monospaced monoheight display font were the kerning distance and leading height are identical. The problem I am having, is that when I test the font in InDesign I do not have a simple default way of getting the font leading to be identical to the kerning. This is critical as some of the ligatures are vertically oriented and connect glyphs from two or more lines.

The Font Information is as follows:

UPM size: 320

Ascender: 320 on most glyphs and 420 on the vertically oriented ligatures

Descender: 0 on most glyphs and -100 on the vertically oriented ligatures

Line gap: 20 (to match the 20 for kerning)

Safe zone top: 420

Safe zone bottom: -100

Caps height: 320

xheight: 320

Thank you in advance for your help

I am trying to understand the tracking and leading relationship in typographic specimen sheets.

I see popular ratios of:

Is this sort of the standard or is it subject to the font and the cap height, etc?


I am not a designer. I use Open-Office.org as office suite on a Linux distribution (Fedora) and I need advice about fonts with "an above the average" default leading:

Most of the free fonts (SIL license) I have tried have a huge default leading (probably because of the numerous scripts they support, or the designer taste?).

I would like to know if setting a negative leading (e.g. line-spacing proportional=80%, or line-spacing fix=0.45 cm) in the paragraph style is custom practice or not? If it is not, I will search for other fonts with a "regular" default leading (well, I am used to increase the leading with traditional fonts).

Usage: writing reports to print on paper or pdf.

Thanks in advance.

hello. i wondered if anyone could provide any help or advice with fontlab? at the moment it seems to have set a default descender of -250pt. the typeface i've created drops below this and when i test/generate the font all the descending glyphs are clipped slightly where the tails exceed the descender line.

i imagined dragging the descender below the lowest point would have solved the problem but it didn't seem to affect it. perhaps there is another way?

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Pronounced, "ledding" (not leeding). The space between lines of type. When setting type by hand thin strips of lead could be placed between the lines of type when making up the typeblock, opening up space between the lines. Type without lead was said to be "set solid".

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