Hello there , I'm a design student currently working on a project in which I am aiming to create a logo type for placebo medication.
I have hit a wall and would like feedback to help me develop my designs.
I am currently working on a stencil logo type
based on the rounded type that is stamped onto pills & capsules (see ref1)
I started with quite a light typeface made of two sections ( to represent the pyschological & physiological aspects of medicine that work together )

My tutor suggested to thicken it up , using the omnipresent helvetica as a reference.
i've tried this but now it just looks (for want of a better phrase) ' sausage-y '
illegible would probably be a more relevant phrase to use, but i'm sure you will understand.

I need suggestions for great looking screenfonts to be used in medical software. It will be operated by people in various ages, so the readability should be good. But equally important, it should look modern and fresh. Anyone?

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