Hello Typophiles,

I am currently building a few powerpoint presentations for one of our clients, and have encountered an odd font issue. I'm hoping that someone in this forum can provide some suggestions for a fix.

I am using MetaPlus for my designs. I've noticed that when MetaPlus Medium is placed in powerpoint, it is significantly thicker (more bold / black) than the same font when displayed in Illustrator or Photoshop. In addition, some of the Roman cuts are displaying as italics.

Has anyone experienced this problem, or more importantly - can this be corrected, or is it yet another sad fact of powerpoint!? Thanks.


Hello all:

I have a problem with the MS Power Point 2003 program. So many typefaces does not work with it. Only several typefaces work with this program such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana and other typefaces do not work on it.

What could be the problem and how could I use free typefaces on this program???

A significant part of my job involves giving lectures and presentations, and I like them to look good. So I am in search of an attractive, readable font for presentation slides.

The problem is that I'm having a hard time finding anything better than Apple's Keynote default, Gill Sans.

Gill Sans is great – I think I'm looking for some humanist sans – but it would be nice to have something a bit more unusual, and for which /l/ and /1/ are more distinct.

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jaggies in ppt on xp

last year i finished designing a large type family of 20 styles, with up to 1550 glyphs per style (greek, cyrilic, pictograms et al.) for a client company. of course it had various growing pains, mostly overcome now, but one problem we haven't been able to figure out:

in powerpoint on windows xp, in large sizes (like 80 pt or such), they appear jagged. on the client's computers, it even seemed like the system tried to smoothen the jaggies, rather unsuccessfully. on computers that i tried, i only saw simple jaggies.

i compared other fonts, they look fine. switching between cleartype and standard smoothing does not help.

since the font files are so large, i thought it might be a memory issue, but a reduced version of 300+ glyphs still had the same problem.

"What is the quickest way to replace paragraph styles in a large number of InDesign documents?"

i've designed a large typeface family for a large client. they've had the beta version for a while, and already used it extensively.

we just installed the final version, which has its new final name, and partially renamed weight names too. opening their many files now, they get "missing fonts" alerts.

since it is their first custom font, they are understandably surprised, and frustrated that they might have to re-spec so many docs one by one. isn't there any way this process could be reduced / simplified / expedited, via macros, scripts, actions or such?

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