paragraph styles

Hello Typophiles,

A few colleagues and I were discussing book design and the interaction of text with images/figures that flow within the surrounding text. Specifically, we were debating whether or not the paragraph that follows an image (and its caption, if present) should be indented.

"What is the quickest way to replace paragraph styles in a large number of InDesign documents?"

i've designed a large typeface family for a large client. they've had the beta version for a while, and already used it extensively.

we just installed the final version, which has its new final name, and partially renamed weight names too. opening their many files now, they get "missing fonts" alerts.

since it is their first custom font, they are understandably surprised, and frustrated that they might have to re-spec so many docs one by one. isn't there any way this process could be reduced / simplified / expedited, via macros, scripts, actions or such?

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