I’m looking for literature on neo-grotesque typefaces like Helvetica, Univers etc. … I’m very interested in profound knowledge on development and history. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, I am attempting to create a logo for a publishing company. Company name is called Publishing Network. The organization is a membership based company which allows members to access multiple publications and educational material throughout the US.

Key workds: network, access, global, books, publications,

My approach has been to create a visual that conveys that message. So far, i've only concentrated on the mark. i'd love to hear your thoughts on what is working and what is not.

Thanks in advance.

Darjeeling combines British Elegance and Indian Flavor. It is flared like Optima, with a scent of Bodoni. By layering “Regular” and “Ornaments” over each other you will create astounding pieces of colorful typography. Additionally there is “Regnaments” which combines the two other styles.

Darjeeling is great as a display font, but also perfectly legible at text sizes. Use the ornaments only to add spice to Your design.

Make sure to use applications supporting all these lavish OpenType features like small caps, various sets of figures, fractals and the 102 discretionary ligatures.

Darjeeling has been recently released at myfonts:

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