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We are grateful for the world-ready composer in CS4, which allows one to set Indic unicode fonts, and grateful to Thomas Phinney for revealing how to activate it.

Has any additional functionality been added in CS5—like, for instance, page numbers in whatever script one wants?

(Previous thread on CS4 and Indic scripts here.)


I'm trying to render following Indic Script unicode text :

जितेन्द्र कुमार

in a a photoshop text layer. While this text in 'Arial Unicode MS' font gets rendered correctly in Firefox, IE, MS Word etc, text is rendered incorrectly in Photoshop CS3 (using the same font).

Please see visual differences in this image. Please scroll it horizontally.

And irony is that this text is rendered correctly in 'layer name'. Please see this image.

I've also tried all the combinations available in 'opentype' menu but still no luck. In fact most of the options are grayed out. Please see this image.

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