Can anyone help me to identify this font? It looks like Copperplate Gothic but it's much heavier.

Thank you!

Hello 2013, Bellissima Script is the first Sudtipos release of the year.

While in the same vein and spirit as Burgues and Compendium, Bellissima began from an entirely different thread as those fonts. It started with Alex Trochut generously showing me a gorgeous lettering book from his grandfather's library: Bellezas de la Caligrafía, by Ramón Stirling, 1844. Stirling was one of the Latin calligraphy pioneers who introduced a refined version of English calligraphy in Spain and made it popular in the nineteenth century.

Initially I thought it was done by a calligrapher, but the identical /B/s led me to think it was a font?


Greater Albion Typefounders has just released the Spillsbury family on

Spillsbury was inspired by some examples of 1920s signwriting (principally seen on the side of some vintage vans-good thing they were in a photograph and not on the move!).

Spillsbury draws inspiration from these sources to provide a unique combination of legibility and flair, which echoes the charm of advertising and publicity material from the halcyon days of the 1920s.

A basic range of four display faces os offered - Regular, Plain (not all that plain really!), Shaded and Shadowed.

Does anybody know of a modern cut copperplate? It seems like something H&FJ would be all over.

Thanks, Jeff

I have been seeing this font for years and years, cant believe Im having so much trouble with an ID. Serif, all caps, and the B and R middles are very distinctly please?

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