I like Didot and was hoping to have my web designer use it on my website. My one hesitation is because it is such a high contrast font that it doesn't look as nice small as it does large. I came across H&FJ Didot which has "Optical Sizes' which is a concept I really like, but since I am not a graphic designer I don't know how big of a difference the "Optical Sizes" will really make on a website. I really only will need at max maybe 8 styles of Didot, but the H&FJ Didot only sells theirs in a package of 42 styles (because of the optimized fonts) so it is quite a bit pricier than other Didot fonts I have looked at (like Linotype Didot on


Dots Per Inch. Measure of the resolution or resolving power of an input device such as a scanner or trackball, or an output device such as a computer monitor (typically stated in PPI/Pixels Per Inch) or printer.

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