I am using Perl (readpipe) to grab the fontname value from a font via Fontforge. For example:

my $psfontname = readpipe("/usr/local/bin/fontforge -script /webfont/ font.ttf");

The problem is, Fontforge always outputs all the warnings when it loads a font, so I end up with a multiline output of values I do not want. Anyone know how to disable Fontforge doing that on file open? I am using is via command line only.

Example warnings:
Warning: Mac and Windows entries in the 'name' table differ for the
Family string in the language English (US)

Has anyone ever found a way to output items like the GSUB Feature values, back out to say imagemagick? For example, sending unicode values is no problem, but since items like SALTS don't have a unicode value, how can you print those items to image in say imagemagick/php? Any ideas?

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Glyph Maps Script - PHP

Do any of you guys know how font sites are creating the glyph map images they post? It seems myfonts, font squirrel and font spring are all using the same similar code, any ideas? Example:

Does anyone know what this is? Thanks in advance.

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