The text is on a curve... but it should be good enough to identify. If you cannot suggest an exact match then something very similar would be very much appreciated. I'm not a font expert... but it looks like an italic rounded blackletter font with very extended and curvy serifs.

This comes from the National Bohemian Beer label.

See this link for a high resolution photo that shows the font as used on the top of the label.

Yet another logo I must recreate (I do many every day, btw). I used FindMyFont, WhatTheFont, and no dice. I then even tried vectorizing it using Vector Magic and Flash Bitmap Trace. The results were atrocious. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I've tried three online font identifiers. No luck. Thanks!

Greater Albion has just released three new families on

Jonquin was inspired by some hand lettering seen on a World -War One recruiting poster. It’s a family of three faces for display work and headings designed to be used readily as an 'All-Capitals' face as well as in upper and lower case format. Regular and bold weights are offered, as well as an even more decorative incised form. The whole family is ideally suited for poster and advertising work, as well as book and record covers and period themed signage.

I'm creating a website for this business and I can't seem to ID the font used. Any help would be appreciated.

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Curvy, bold typeface

Anyone have an idea of what this font is?


I came upon this nice typeface and, as usual, WhatTheFont was useless. Anybody know what it is? I really like the a, c and d.

thanks all,

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