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On some sheet music that my orchestra is doing (we're including some film classics in this concert, we normally do completely classical... which I prefer, to be honest), I saw this nice type. I'm unsure of its origin, seeing the irregularities in the third and fourth "As" (left leg/crossbar junction, left crossbar tip) and the "T" and "U" (irregularities), so I'm wondering if this header was actually hand-drawn. Does anyone recognize it (it's quite possibly obvious to most of you awesome type pros!)

Thanks! -Joe

I am trying to identify this retro font used on t-shrts. Any help? Thank you!

Photos attached also.

I feel like I have been seeing this style applied a lot recently. Is this just a mix of two weights...if so, what's the type?



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Retro Space Poster

Hi Guys,

I have to design a retro/ sci fi poster advertising some products that have a space theme to them. Can anyone suggest some good sci fi display typefaces?

Many thanks

Hello! I've just seen this beautiful typeface, and I'm looking for a similar font for use in a magazine as a display/titles typeface. Which typefaces are similar to "Platform"? It is beautiful!

Thank you!

Hello all!!!

I´m trying to identify this typeface, but need some help. Any clues?

Thanks very much.

anybody recognize this font? Can seem to remember what it is.

Pardon if this has been discussed before. The search function on the site is on strike at the moment and rendering Page Not Found for every keyword so I cannot efficiently review previous posts.

Can anyone ID the font used for THE WEEPIES on the album cover for Hideaway?

Many thanks.

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