I´m looking for the font of this logo.

Especially for the font of "Schaffhausen" and "Entdeckungsreise".
Can you help me, please!

Kind regards

Hi all, I'm currently looking for a Tuscan typeface that's either extended or thin. All of the searches I've had only brings up standard tuscan fonts. Any suggestion/recommendations would be HIGHLY appreciated. :)



Did Somebody know, what that Script Font is used in the Pirelli Art-Movie from 1965?

(The Tortoise and the Hare)

Uploaded with

I’m not sure how automated this could be done, but a feature that tags threads/posts with the glyph/character discussed would be very helpful. For this to work, you’d have to be able to search the forum with one character only (now you need minimum three). Special characters should also be supported.

A search for “&” should return all the threads/posts concerning ampersands.
A search for “z” should return all the threads/posts concerning z.

Hi everyone,

Wondering if anyone else is having the same problems searching the Typohile forums? Every search term I enter comes back with a "Page Not Found" error. Even the word "font" produces this.

I'd love a quick solution to this one, if it exists, because I rely on these forums for info when I encounter technical probs, as I'm sure many others do.

Cheers, Wayne
Australian Type Foundry

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