Hello Typohphiles,
I am pretty new as a contributor to the font world and was hoping some more experienced members could point me in the right direction. I recently released a font which has gleaned a lot of attention and now a major US broadcaster is requesting to license it for use as a logo for a television show, for US audience only, for one season for now.

I really have no idea how I should be calculating licensing fees for something like this, or what is appropriate. I neither want to overcharge nor undersell myself on this. The only point of reference I have found is the broadcast license calculator on Typoteque, which feels high to me, but at the same time I am sure the broadcaster is dealing with huge budgets.

With your mass wisdom, please help out an ignoramus newbie. I'm looking into having a book printed, and have absolutely no clue about foil stamping cloth covers. What is meant by one vs. two or three stamps? Is this for different colors, different sides of the book, the size of the stamp? And how detailed can a foil stamp be? Is it best to stay away from fine lines, or can I pretty much do whatever I want?


I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I couldn't find anything on Google, and the search here wasn't working.

I have a font that is available to download for free for non-commercial work at Someone just asked if they could use the font for a logo for a restaurant. I really don't know how much I should charge. Being that it will be in a logo makes me think it should be relatively higher priced than if it was being used for a t-shirt or something. Any ideas on an average price to ask?

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