Hand Painted

Anyone know what the typeface is for the "Holiday 2012" text? Images attached. thank you!


I'm looking for a font similar to this font on an old cricket scoreboard. I like the uneven, and hand painted look of it. I imagine this was hand painted, but if anyone knows of anything similar, I'd love to know.

Image attached.

Many thanks.

Went camping in October and really enjoyed the hand-lettering on all the park signs. Can anyone tell if this was based off a typeface that has been digitized? Obviously it's all hand-painted, but thought there was probably some sort of stencil used.

Love the subtle curvature of the letter forms like A, V and N.

- Tristan

I would appreciate general feedback on this image database I've been working on, and I would also like fellow Typophiles to get involved and contribute on any level. Cheers, RD


Hey Typophile buddies! I need some help- I'm working on the identity for a small restaurant opening in my neighborhood soon. I want it to look like the older hand painted gold leaf window signs-


I need your help to find a proper typeface that is in the style I'm looking for here- So far I was thinking Interstate Condensed Bold:

But I'm really looking for something more maybe.. naive? more flawed possibly- something a little more hand painted and older looking.

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