I'm talking about Hunyad / Hunedoara Castle in Hundedoara, Romania. Information about the castle: in English; in German (more detailed).

Please visit this page for other photos of the place.

We're looking for appropriate typefaces to be used for display purposes in a branding project. "Appropriate" could mean inspired from that era / matches certain motifs from the buildings / etc.

Found this type sample in a book called "The Type Specimen Book, 544 Different Typefaces with over 3000 sizes shown in complete alphabets"

In the book its labeled as Standard (Foundry).

I have found digital version however neither seem to match. Can anyone suggest a closer match.

I have convinced the client into using the font, now I have to deliver a digital version of this rare sample, so I would greatly appreciate any ideas. It is a beautiful font and is definitely markedly different from Helvetica for example.

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