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Any ideas on what the typeface used for headlines in The Week magazine is?


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Type ID?


I always appreciate the keen eyes that populate the forums of Typophile. :)

Would anyone care to enlighten me as to which font this is?


Hi Guys,
Anyone know this font?
It's similar to Clearface but can't seem to put a finger on it.


Hey guys.

I'm trying to identify this font from Studio Astrid Stavro.

I tried ITC Caslon...
but it doesn't seem to look the same.

Needing this font badly for my project...
A little help from here would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you guys!!!

Hi all,

I'd like to identify the metal type used in this print. It's an incomplete set that I'm trying to round out. I'm new to sourcing metal type, so suggestions on that are also appreciated. Thanks very much.

Anyone have any idea what this typeface is? Beautiful, no?

I'd like to know what font composes the main entries: dritta, dritto, drizzare, etc.

Thank you kindly!

I just wondered as I have been on Google for hours, if anyone can help me ID the attached font? It's driving me nuts? Whether that or something very very similar, particularly a soft rounded Sans Serif?

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone here could help me identify this font:


I've seen this one around in a few different places, but haven't yet been able to pinpoint it. It seems like it's similar to Helvetica, except a bit more narrow and some letters, like "D", "C", and "O" are less round. The "R" seems to be very distinctive as well, with the tail curving outward a decent bit more than Helvetica's "R". Any help identifying this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi -

I've been trying to figure out what typeface this is for a couple of days now (regular and embellished weights are attached). More examples of it can be found at http://atseasonspeak.publix.com/. One of the identifying characteristics is the "G" - it's possible that there are no lowercase characters.

Any ideas? Similar typeface recommendations would be great as well.


Hi all,

Could anyone identify this typeface (see attachment) for me, any help would be much appreciated.



I've been having some trouble IDing the typeface used in the gothamist logo. If anyone can offer some help, that'd be great.

If anyone can help ID this font, I would certainly welcome the answer! No one seems to know exactly what typeface this is. Please help by ID of the exact typeface. I have had several similar suggested to me, but no one has come up with the exact face.

Hi there,
Anyone knows what this type is? (The one at the "Summer Megamix" part)


Thank you in advance!

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