italic cursive

Can anyone help me find the name of this font? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the website and I've found all the information here very helpful. For my senior project I chose to design a typeface from scratch, and there are some technical issues that I am having. I am making an italic serif typeface in the old style/ transitional style. I've taken some inspiration from Giambattista Bodoni's Bodoni typeface, and it will be used for displays, pull quotes, and headers.


Indices : Terminology : Italic

Italic is another style of letter, akin to Roman, but with a more humanist nature.

Italic is not the opposite of Roman, though. It is the opposite of Oblique. Oblique styles may also be called Sloped Roman, and they are mostly the same letterforms found in a Roman face, with a mechanical slant applied (See Oblique). "True" Italic letterforms have been drawn so that they are more formally differentiated from upright Roman letters, the inclination or "cursiveness" (Cursive) is natural to Italics, as it has been conserved from its origins (See Aldus Manutius).

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