Dear typophiles,

After a request of a friend I’m writing about these strange capitulars. She is writing his thesis about Sebastião Nunes, a Brazilian Poet of the 90’s that used those capitulars on his book História do Brasil a satiric view of the Brazilian historiography. The colophon doesn’t inform nothing about the typeface and the author too.

This past summer I printed a small specimen book of 19th century ornamented metal typefaces from the collection at Wells College.

The book is printed in two colors on Arches text laid and all the types are 24 points and higher, one specimen is 72 points. Each typeface gets its own page with a complete showing of all the sorts available in the case. Only one or two faces are missing sorts. There are many shaded ones.

The typefaces are:
Tinted, Tasso, Banquet, Antique Extra Condensed, Aquatint, Dandy, Modoc, Columbus, Art Gothic, Rubens, Yukon Pointed, Tuscan Stellar, Halftone, Obelisk, Alpine, Gothic Shade, Ruskin, Condensed Roman, Ray Shade, Tuscan Floral, Souvenir and Aurora Uncial.
The labels, front matter and colophon are all set in Dante.

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