Recently I’ve noticed on MyFonts that some typefaces are ‘published’ by both Typeshop and Softmaker, i.e. TS Nashville (note the design owner is ‘Quick Brown Fox’) and Nashville Serial.

I did some research and read on a thread here the story about Sean Cavanaugh’s SoftMaker. And whilst doing more research I found this on another thread

“Typeshop Collection”, which, as it seems, is the former Quick Brown Fox “Serials Typecollection”, which is the former Brendel & Pabst “Serial Type Collection”.

Okay, I have a font in my collection that I downloaded from a free font site many years ago and unfortunately, I don't remember the website's name and numerous search engine searches turned up nothing. I want to use it in a commercial work, but can't find any licensing details on the font at all.

The font attached below is named "Judith", at least according to the filename, what it shows when I preview the font in the Windows font viewer, and what is stated in file properties. Additionally, according to the file's properties > Details tab, the font is copyrighted to a "Brendel Infomatik GmbH" in 1994. The file version reads: "Brendel :03.05.1995".

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