Hello everyone,
I am currently writing a dissertation on type technology, focused on developing a workflow for creating multiweight script/cursive families utilizing Multiple Master technology and some Metafont/Metapost techniques. To be more precise my objective is help the designer in creating calligraphy and brush scripts – of the kind which weight cannot be just changed without complete redrawing (you can’t just move stems around).

Bengala is a trendy new type system. The family is made up of a script style, an extended all-caps style, and an ornament set that includes the animal illustrations shown here.

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Cursive script

Looked like an easy one at first sight, but myfonts doesn't return anything close when i look for cursive script..
Anyone? :)

Good Morning,
That's my first post; Please apologize if there is a mistake on my side.
below are the images of the font I am after.

Would really appreciate the effort if someone can identify the font.



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Mid 1990's cursive

Hello All,

Could anyone help my ID this type? It's an old logo from a Japanese (I believe) company that made after market parts for the Toyota MR-2. And possibly other cars.

Your help is much appreciated!

Does anyone have any idea what font the word "gallery" is?

Can anybody help identify this font OR a similar script-style font?
Thanks! :)

Any help ID'ing the handwritten font on this cover would be AWESOME! Thanks a mil.

Any assistance in identifying this font is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hi, i stumbled upon this font used in the header of and found the font used in the header very pretty. Would like help to identify this font! Thanks!

Today italic fonts are assuming a marginal role in typography and are mainly used for emphasising purposes. Filippo Salmina from FSdesign believes they deserve more and pursuits a personal philosophy in the development of italic fonts.

“Stile”, the new font family, has been developed particularly for being used as copy font. While common italics with an angle of approximately 8 degrees while reading make your eyes quickly exhausted, “Stile” preserves them from fatigue. Due to its moderate inclination it is easily readable, really flexible and universally applicable. The cursive character of “Stile” has more to do with writing-speed than to its (moderate) inclination and is responsible also for its particularly homogenous text colour.

Does anyone know what this script font is? I've identified lots of similar fonts, but none that are a match. Any help would be extremely appreciated! :) Thanks so much!

Does anyone know what this script font is? I've identified lots of similar fonts, but none that are a match. Any help would be extremely appreciated! :) Thanks so much!

Hi there! I would like to know what these fonts are. One of them is taken from the header image of and I can't remember the origin of the other one.

Thanks in advance! :)

p.s. i'm not too sure how to describe these fonts, hope the terms, cursive and handwritten script, fit the bill.

Could someone please help identify the script font here:

Thanks in advance!

I would like to use this font for a project. I know I've seen it before, but I couldn't find anything other than this clip from Liberty Bottleworks. I think this font used to be used in railroad advertisements, and may even still be used today.

What do you think the name of this font is?
Thank you for helping!!!!!

Hi. Please name this font if you can.


I'm trying to figure out what typeface this was created from. The designer that originally created it no longer works with the company, so I am on the hunt!



Can anybody please help me ID the font used in this Parks & Recreation graphic? I've attached the image below, but you can also view it here:

Thank you!

The "confessions of a" part in the attached picture. I've seen it around a lot (it doesn't seem like a super rare font) but don't know the name! Any help would be much appreciated.

Please help me to identify the attached cursive font, grabbed from a 1950's themed website...I love the 'B's...! Couldnt inset image unfortunately- kept getting error...

Thank you!

I'm doing a photoshop job for someone and they want the font from this diploma on something else.
What is the font that was used and where would I be able to get it?


Is the "illy" typeface handwritten or an actual typeface? If it's an actual typeface, what is it called?

Thank you.

Hello again Typophiles! I could use some help on the IDs of the 2 fonts in the picture below. I am a noob when it comes to matching fonts, and any help would be greatly appreciated and save me the work in Illustrator.

I thank you in advance, and would appreciate the help on this one!

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