Can anyone help me identify this font?.
I have tried in whatfontis, what the font, my fonts, font bros and many others, but with no luck.

Any help will be useful !!!.

"The font belongs to a few models of bycicles from haro bikes between the years 2000/01"


Does the world really need one more vernacular pop culture typeface? We here, at astroluxtype shout a resounding yes!

Sure, you can find the apex of fine font design that will have your mind and eyes burst with joy at the level of sophistication and craftsmanship they exhibit- Koo Koo Puff Condensed and Light Condensed are not one of those fonts. But if kooky goofy is your thing, we're selling it at the astroluxtype booth.

Here is a vintage radio dial I am remaking, I am having a hard time finding this font, can anyone help????

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Half serif stems

Hi everyone!

This is my first attempt to get competent critique about my font. So please, Don’t beat me up too hard :)
I will be very appreciated about any critics and comments.
My first serif typeface I am trying to make a little bit retro, fashy, but contemporary.
It has 5 different serif shapes depending on the position of prominent parts of letters (maybe a little bit too complicated, but I like it).
I know there are still many things to work on and improve, but the main parts I am really not sure about are sharp ends of stems. The stems are the only parts without any serifs and I guess it makes the whole face unusual.
Please look at PDF files attached below.

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Help to identify font please!!

Hi guys!

Been wondering what font this is for sometime now. Please I'd really appreciate it if someone can help me to identity it.


Could someone please tell me which font this is? - just the condensed sans serif in the black banner.

all best,

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Confounding font

Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I couldn't figure out this font with whatthefont or identifont or the help of a few co-workers, or going through my whole font library one at a time, so I ask if you recognize this font.

I have a photo of the font, and a version where I blackened a selection of the letters, and a version where I blackened and sheared the letters back to an angle that seemed non-italicized. Thanks guys.

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I'm working on a little project for this association and they have no idea what font was used for their identity. I have searched and searched and found that it is similar to Berling but it isn't quite a match. I will be eternally grateful if you fine folks knew what the main font was or even the font in the tagline "always in season." It would give me something to work with.

Hello everybody,

which free fonts do you consider the best to publish books? I will self publish books under CC, that's why they must be free. There are some amazing ones that are non-free, especially from Adobe, but I couldn't fine anyone that was clean, light and elegant enough to provide a pleasant reading. So maybe you know some. ;)

By the way this website contains a description of "Stone Type Foundry", the same font in the attached image. I was astonished how beautiful and elegant it is, and I think it must be perfect to publish a book. Unfortunately it's paid. But what do you think of it? Just curious.


Any font identification would be much appreciated. The customer wants us to recreate some stationery using the font from a REALLY old business card.

Thank You

Hello everyone.
I'm looking for a font imitating old musical partitions words (nuances and expression).
Any idea?!

Thank you!

Like here attached : "Andante" or "20".

I need to figure out what font this is for a T-Shirt I am making for my friend. Can someone please help me deduce what font this is?

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What is this font? ASAP

Can anyone identify these two fonts? Many thanks.

Trying to identify the font on the Bonnie and Clyde poster from 1967. Any thoughts?

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What font is used here?

Hey guys,

I need to figure out what font this is... hope you can help me out!
Much appreciated.


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Please help ID this

Hello, can someone please confirm a font for me?

I BELIEVE the font shown below is Open Sans from Google, but I'm not 100% sure.


I made this introduction to typography website a couple weeks back for a class project. I wanted to give the basics of type in a super dumbed-down way. What do you guys think?

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Hoping to ID two fonts

Hello all -- I recently found this site and I am pleased to have stumbled upon you gurus.

I was hoping someone could help me ID two separate fonts, or suggest possible alternatives: 1) company logo (attached), and 2) Smythson's custom "Brook Street" lettering -- can be found at while customizing "Personalised Stationery."

Thank you for your time and help!

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Suggestions please

Howdy crew, we're currently hunting for some branding typefaces for our screen design and animation outfit called.

While we've got some type directions in place that we're happy with, I thought I'd open it out to you knowledgeable folk to offer suggestions of typefaces that might hit the mark.

As a business we sit somewhere between a creative animation studio (Frankfurter) and a sharp, design-led VFX company (modified Baskerville Old Face). While the worlds are seemingly polar opposites, we feel there might be some middle ground worth exploring.

So ... with that little tidbit of info, got any suggestions of faces?
Fire away with any questions too.



I'm trying to figure out the name of this typeface. It would be great if anyone can help me out. Thanks!

I wrote a typography game for Android. Try how good you are at recongnizing fonts!
Get it on Google Play.

Hello everybody.

First of all, thanks for this forum and the community. It is very useful.

I research what is this font ?
I join 4 pictures. I have others pictures if necessary.

Look at the letter "a", I love it. And the letter "t".

But I don't know what is this font ?

I would like to use it for a website.

Best regards.

it can be found on the itunes store main marquee (1/31/13) the Justin Bieber one but i only want to know the font for his first name. i know the distressed type/ look is an edit but i want to know the main font for "Justin"

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