Hi everyone,
Please help me find these two fonts. They look so familiar, but i just can't find them. I know they are quite popular. I need them to reset this logo as the business owner does not know the fonts. Appreciate your help.

I lost the name of a font I really like, I have a picture of about 15 letters of the font. If someone recognizes it and can tell me what it's called, I'd really appreciate it. Picture below:

I've been looking for this font's name for months. Nobody seems to know, and the recognition pages didn't get it either.

The sample says "E l B a o". I've seen this fon in one or two places already so, I think it's a famous one.

It's a bold/curly/fantasy font. I suspect it's a free one.

Can anybody help?


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What is this font?

Anyone know what this font is? I have searched several font recognition sites and no luck. Thanks in advance!

Please help me identify this font. I've tried WHAT THE FONT and other sites, they don't give me the correct answer.

Thank you,

Dear Typophiler,
please help me to identify this font. It's all initials.

Thanks. :D

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One more...

Thought it was kabel, but the a doesn't match. Any ideas?

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Timeline font

Anybody knows what this font is?




If anyone could identify or recommend a font similar to the letters PAGO in their logo, the juice that is, I would be really grateful.

Thanks in advance

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Font ID

Can anyone help identify this font? It looks familiar, but I can't seem to find a good match. Thank you in advance.

Please help identify this font. I have been searching using the F's as a reference but unsuccessful. It is similar to the Feel font.

need your help guys, what's the font for GAP, la senza, next, bebe and braun buffel? thanks a lot!

i don't remember which font is this one. can anyone help me?


I am trying to find the font used by Greek Olympic Air for their airplanes' registration.

I thought DIN and Arial Monospaced would be a good start. But DIN doesn't match at all and I am not really satisfied with Arial either.

Doesn't anyone here have a better idea which might be used (see attached image)?

Thanks in advance.



I was curious if anyone would recognize this font. I know I have seen it before, any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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I'm sure this is simple.

I thought this was calibri until recreating it! Any ideas on the font for the logo please?

I was wondering if anybody knew what this font was, I am guessing by the look it is a free font. I appreciate any help in figuring this out.
Thanks, Lee

Language is a must,
please clean your book’s dust.

If you move like a snail,
you'll never end up on Yale.

Teach your mind to rewind,
never leave knowledge behind,
what should be defined,
is what you'll get as assigned.

More info at:

Available (or it will be soon) at:


Hello could you help find the font on the picture please!! It would be very helpful!

Thank You all

Hey, I'm designing a poster for this battlestar galactica con, and am working with the "logo" on the old poster they gave me, which they do not know or have the typefaces for. Could someone tell me what the typeface on the bottom is? The one that says Houston May 23 - 26?

Thank You


I'm new on the forum so I introduce myself

i'm a swiss student, and I tried for my studies In ancient history to build a font.
I used fontforge and finally fontlab. Everything works perfectly except the kerning.

MS word 2010 doesen't take count of the kerning of my new font...
Kerning works perfectly on Oppen office, but I have to make it work on MS word. Is it possible ?

Somebody knows what is the problem ? Can somebody help me ?

Thanks for help :)

My first post!

I'm designing a business card for a mobile pet grooming business and they asked me to include this font. I'm 99 percent sure I've seen it before, I've tried WhatTheFont and other font search tools but so far no cigarette.

I yield to the powers of the internet's hive mind now...

Your help is much appreciated. :)



Hi! I'm new to the forum, so thanks for helping me out. :)

I'm looking hard for a font family for a new website project that is very similar to Museo Sans, but that is a little simpler like Avenir Next. I like Museo Sans because it has some personality, but I like the simplicity of a geometric sans like Avenir Next. Futura is way too geometric and "Intro" font is too stylized.

Hi, just want to know whether this font is custom made for this brand or not.

Any ideas?

Looks a lot like Aldine 721, but not exact. The numbers also are quite different.



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