I'm new on the forum so I introduce myself

i'm a swiss student, and I tried for my studies In ancient history to build a font.
I used fontforge and finally fontlab. Everything works perfectly except the kerning.

MS word 2010 doesen't take count of the kerning of my new font...
Kerning works perfectly on Oppen office, but I have to make it work on MS word. Is it possible ?

Somebody knows what is the problem ? Can somebody help me ?

Thanks for help :)

My first post!

I'm designing a business card for a mobile pet grooming business and they asked me to include this font. I'm 99 percent sure I've seen it before, I've tried WhatTheFont and other font search tools but so far no cigarette.

I yield to the powers of the internet's hive mind now...

Your help is much appreciated. :)



Hi! I'm new to the forum, so thanks for helping me out. :)

I'm looking hard for a font family for a new website project that is very similar to Museo Sans, but that is a little simpler like Avenir Next. I like Museo Sans because it has some personality, but I like the simplicity of a geometric sans like Avenir Next. Futura is way too geometric and "Intro" font is too stylized.

Hi, just want to know whether this font is custom made for this brand or not.

Any ideas?

Looks a lot like Aldine 721, but not exact. The numbers also are quite different.



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Hi, I'm looking for the name of this font. Please let me know if anybody knows what font this is, I appreciate all your help.

Thanks much,


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I am a little stumped :(

I have been searching all through my fonts and I am still unable to find the font style shown in the attached pic.

Can someone please help!!!


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I am a little stumped :(

I have been searching all through my fonts and I am still unable to find the font style shown in the attached pic.

Can someone please help!!!


This is the font used on music producer Clams Casino's website ( Would anybody be able to tell me what it is?

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Old Pharmacy Type Font

Can someone help me identify the fonts in this image? Thanks!

please can anyone tell me what font is used for the numbers on the picture

Hi to All, My name is Matias and I'm from Argentina... I'm need to identify this typography that I think is easy but I have no enough experience like you to do it, please help me, I will appreciate it.


Hello everyone

I have been trying to identify this one for a while and couldn't do it. Very frustrating especially since I am sure I have seen it before.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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What is this font

Does anyone know the name of this font? I can see there are some custom tweaks, but i still believe that it is font and not a custom made lettering. Thank you

I'm creating a website for this communities HOA and would really like to incorporate this font in a couple of places. Any ideas on what this font is?

“Kamenica” - named after a beautiful small mountain river in Serbia - is a font family containing 3 weights: Light, Regular and Bold.

The Kamenica river is only a few meters wide. Mostly shallow and cold, clear and green, it was the direct inspiration source for the creation of this condensed typeface. As our other typefaces, “Kamenica” also combines traditional shapes with modern forms, tall x-height and a collection of more than 300 glyphs.

Comparing the river with the font, we could say that letters are the fishes that lives in the Kamenica river and that the font weights are the seasons in which this river shows most of its own character.

Find out more at:

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AXE font or similar font

Whats the font for this? Any similar looking fonts will work, ive been looking all weekend, decided to give up smh..thanks for any help.

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Unknown Monospace

Anyone know the name of this typeface? The uppercase legs remind me of Simple, but it's not quite the same. Anybody have a clue?

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help with font

hello can anyone help me identify this font please

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Who can name this font?

Thanks in advance :)

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a simple, honest and approachable san serif for use in body text. My idea is to have a journal feel but without being too themey. Something with the characteristics above that come together looking elegant. I loved the feeling of Frutiger on my page ( one of my faves) and although quite neutral it's the complete opposite of what I want, its cold and distant and not really in line with the honest feel i'd like to convey.

I like Myriad Pro but wanted to see if there are others you can recommend, perhaps something I am simply not finding. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


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Help: What font is this?

I've Been breaking my head trying to figure out what font is this. Every time I believe I've come close, Im so far off.

Since I cant post the whole picture because what I'm working on is confidential...I posted a few letters in hopes that anyone would be able to figure it out.

thanks in advance!

Hello, newbie to the forum, but figured this was a good place to start. My grandfather recently passed, and I'm working on an art piece for him but I'm having trouble locating a particular font. I want one that will represent the emblems on his favorite car, 56 dodge coronet. Any help would be much appreciated. Looking in particular for letters M, C, G, upper and lower case

Hi There,
This is my first post here so pardon me if I've missed any etiquette.
I have a logo mark which is in development which must be a 3 spoke design representing the 'Y' character. Each spoke is equal length and angle and I'm having difficulty matching it to a font and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

I'm really looking for a font where this shape will fit in nicely as the 'Y'. If needs be I'll design a font around it but I was really hoping there was something out there which would fit it.

Thanks very much for any suggestions.


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