Hi, i need to identify the name of this font that says "You Inspire Me To Do Good"
is from an odwalla advertising
Thank You to all.

I've been working with Lunatix Bold recently. It has all the accents and special characters I need.
However, when I'm writing something in Photoshop, it doesn't support certain characters, such as ¡, ¿, Ñ and the acute accented vowels (to be precise, it doesn't accept anything that is not the standard English set of characters). Then I write the text, using the same font, in Word. It's fine. I copy-paste the text into Photoshop... and it's fine!

Does anyone know why this happens? If this helps, I use FontCreator 5.6 to view the characters, and all non-standard characters are blue (the standard are green or sometimes red).

Can you help me? what the font is this?

I´ve started a quite interesting project on a font face that I´ve called "Drops", but I´m not skilled enough to
set the font as a working type face. It´s also not quite finished, so I´m looking for someone who´s interested in
finishing it for me.
You will be appointed as collaberative founder, and you will get paid by me if you can do the job right :)
Here´s a sample, let me know if you´re interested and I´ll show you the whole story...


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Creating OTF with Java

Dear all,

I'd like to create an OpenType font. I know there are some programs to do this, but I'd like to do it the hard way:-) Moreover, I'd like a student to work on this as part of a project.

I'd appreciate any pointers to find information about OpenType font files and how to generate them. Ideally, I'd like to create the font files using some Java library. If there's any Java library that you can recommend then please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Can anybody help identify this font OR a similar script-style font?
Thanks! :)

I am not sure whether a greek font is something that users of this forum can recognize, but all my greek forum attempts failed.
I would like to know if anyone can recognize this font.
It looks like a greek helvetica but all the greek helveticas I have found do not have this kind of gamma (γ).
Usually it looks like a y but this font has a more rounded lower part.
Thank you very much.

Hi everybody,

Im working on a font that includes latin1, hebrew and cyrillic.
I already designed all the glyphs. Now I need to know what should I do before generating the font.
I know is a big question, Im sorry, Im really lost in this step.


Hey all, any ideas what this is?



I am working on replacing some of the vinyl lettering on the wall in the photo I have attached. I have seen this font before, but I have come up empty in all my efforts to identify it. Even "What The Font" can't identify it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Rob J

Hello all,

First of all I want a thank to the people in this forum for the support and knowledge given, although this is my first post I've been consulting the site on a regular basis and has been always a great help.

I was trying to create a typeface of my own based on early geometric fonts like Kabel or Futura with a contemporary look to work as a display typeface with alternate glyphs and features for titling, but the project has become a monster itself and I'm getting stuck in the way and I'm a bit desperate for a second opinion.

We found an rip-off of our "Oblik" in Bold weight.

At first it was disturbing to find out something like this, but then I'm now feeling a little empathy for this guy, for the reason he is young (judging by his photo and by his profile description). But this is not the way to build your design career or to go in public without having any responsibility for your acts.

To not duplicate what we wrote, feel free to check it directly on our website:

Let this be an lesson, in educational purpose, to all designers who might have doubts to do such things to any existing, available, on the market or off the market, with ownership design of any kind!


I've been looking for this font for sometime now can anyone please help me out.

Can anyone help, please?

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ID Art Deco style font

Anyone have an idea what this might be. Note the lovely curved W.


If someone could please help me find this font - the large script one - I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

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Customize Font name

My company bought font licenses for the office. Let says Helvetica. I want to modify the name to HelveticaSPD to the whole family. I have seen it done, can someone point me to some instructions?

Thanks in advanced.

Does anyone have any idea what this font is, have to recreate it, no source files :(

Hello! I know this an incredibly stupid font to ask you to name, but it would be nice to know. I've only seen it on Windows computers, and have seen it many times before. Does anyone know this font's name, if so... is it also downloadable?

In this specific case, this was just a screenshot I took from a youtube video. Do not mind what is says, it won't make any sense. Heh Heh.


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Portuguese poster

Please identify the white font, thank you!

thank you

Please help, I want this font?

I need some help finding out what this font is to make changes for a client. They used a different designer previously and all the fonts used where outlined, making it hard to identify. A sample is attached.

We know that it's not Zephyr Script FLF or URW Endymion Antique.

Any insight/links/information would be greatly appreciated.

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