I'm currently studying Futura font.
There's a question my teacher gave me,
Why is Futura created?

I can't seems to find the answer :(
And also, what do you think of Futura? What feels it gives you?


need to recreate this logo but don't know what the font(s) are. Can anyone please help?

I am trying to identify this font that was used in a book that was privately published at a New England school in 1939.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Please help :)

Hi guys, can you please help me find out which font is used in the pictures?

I think the font is the same in both pictures but just different size. But what is the name of the font?

Thank you in advance!

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Brochure font help

I'm currently designing a brochure for a journalist organization. This organization is edgy but serious I'm using Dekar for the main sections. However, I would like to find a font that could compliment this font if possible. Any suggestions? Any fonts I could check out that could work for this? Thank you!

Hello everyone,
Please can someone help me to find the typeface of the logo attached. This is very urgent!
Hope to hear the good news!
Many thanks.

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preamp fm logo font

hi, what is the font of the logo of this website any free alternative ?

hi everyone,

I'm looking for the hot Sauce Sriracha's Font...i have no idea what it is, does anyone know what Font is used? this is what it looks like on the bottle:

Thanx for any help,


I really need to identify this font guys...

I used it for a website about a year and a half ago and now they want to change the website name but want to use the same font. It's perfect for their website logo.

I just can't remember what the font is called... I really, really need to know what the name of it is. Please. Help.

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Can't identify font

Can somebody help me identify this font? I need to vectorize a logo.


I am wondering what font is used in the book "A Streetcar Named Desire"--specifically the script and stage directions. A photo is attached (screencap from Amazon). More samples can be found at the Amazon look inside preview. The ISBN is 978-0-8112-1602-9.


Trying to figure out what font is used on the menu bar for the new Kate Spade Saturday site. Any ideas?

Hey smart people. I need to try and figure out what font is used in the (god awful) logo.

Let me know if you know :)

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Help : What is this font

I seach the name of this font. Here's a picture.

So basically I made this Eminem fan-art about him being the first true critically and commercially successful rapper(Yeah I know about Beastie Boys and Vanilla Ice). And when it came to putting some text in the image I got stuck on the typeface choice. I have used Copperplate Gothic here but I wanted to ask is it appropriate? This confusion was mostly due to someone saying in a thread " Copperplate is a great font but its used in a lot of wrong places". What do you guys think? Is this appropriate? It looks fine to me but I want your advice.

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Font please?

Please help me identify this logo font (used in the comic book of 2009). It resembles slightly Wagner Grotesk Pro (or Round Pro) but not the same. I guess it belongs to the slab-serif category.

This is from the game Fallout 3, I love this passage and want it tattooed on my lower back in this exact font. Thank you for your help!

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I love this logo for Brooklyn Tacos. I'm in the middle of a project and I think this font would be perfect for it. I just have no idea what it is.

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Topshop typeface

Can anyone recognise this typeface please?
Ta very much

I've been using FontExplorer for a good while. By far it has been my favorite management software to use, though the better part of its' usage has been on Mac.

Until recently I purchased the software to use it in my Windows environment and has been wonderful, until now. I have a family of fonts that I wish to use but when I resume to activate them I have this message: You are trying to activate a font which has the same criteria as a font that is already activated....

I'm at a lost because I'm pretty sure the fonts are named differently, even don't look the same in preview. Has anyone else ran into this problem or have a solution? This has become a real pain to deal with not being able to use the type. I would greatly appreciate any solutions.

Hi, i need to identify the name of this font that says "You Inspire Me To Do Good"
is from an odwalla advertising
Thank You to all.

I've been working with Lunatix Bold recently. It has all the accents and special characters I need.
However, when I'm writing something in Photoshop, it doesn't support certain characters, such as ¡, ¿, Ñ and the acute accented vowels (to be precise, it doesn't accept anything that is not the standard English set of characters). Then I write the text, using the same font, in Word. It's fine. I copy-paste the text into Photoshop... and it's fine!

Does anyone know why this happens? If this helps, I use FontCreator 5.6 to view the characters, and all non-standard characters are blue (the standard are green or sometimes red).

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