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Does anyone have a good partner serif font suggestion for Nobel -- specifically, italics. Branding currently uses Granjon. Looking to subtly update some of the elements. TIA!

Need to find this font fron an Equinox Ad. Bothe the Thick and the thin letters pleeeease!

Hey, working on some infographics/graphic design projects, and came across this (in the attachments) while doing some creative research.

I was just wondering if anyone could name the font used for both the main titles, and the "Cloud City" part in the "Bespin" poster. Thanks!

Here is the guys Flickr page -

Here is the "Bespin" poster -

So, I'm remaking this logo but need to know the name of the font used to create the original logo. I've included a snapshot of the typeface in the word "GRIP" to possibly help identify it. But I've also included the actual logo in how it was used. Any help would be greatly appreciated.!!!

This is a band logo and the font was used so long ago we can't remember what it was. please any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi - I really appreciate the help of this great forum to identify this Font. I have looked everywhere I can ... but I am not an expert :) cheers Nikos

i've run this through with no luck ...

i just started this job and none of the design team knows what font thier own logo is ...


Elk Grove Village, IL – June 9, 2010 - Ascender Corp is pleased to announce that the award-winning fonts from TypeTogether are now available for licensing from Ascender. The TypeTogether font collection features a range of text and headline typefaces designed for the professional design and publishing market. Ascender is making the fonts available for end users to download from its website, and also for licensing to its software developer and hardware manufacture customers for including in products.

Hello everybody,

Could anybody identify the following font, which is in the burn logo?

It's from the new packaging of BURN, an energy drink brand.

Thank you very much!

Hi all. I am trying to identify this font which shares traits with Trajan. Uppercase letters such as the /N/ are obviously very similar, but this is a bit sharper. Lowercase letters have some distinct differences from other fonts typically paired with Trajan. Most notably the /a/ and /f/.

Any ideas here? All help is greatly appreciated.


Hello all,
I am writing a small research for my Typography course in college, on the subject of "Font Pairing", and I am looking for some website where I could find some HQ scans of magazine spreads or other editorial work I could use as examples.
I got a few nice scans from magazines and books, but right now I am thinking about using the net to broaden my field of research (and to save some money for printing the thesis :)

Can anyone suggest any flickr group / blog / archive where I could find some interesting pictures?
This is what I found so far - in case someone else might find them useful.

I'm dieing to know the name of this font. pls help, thank you!

Nome da fonte necessária.Eu realmente preciso saber a fonte apenas para o Logotipo do Restaurante. Obrigado pela resposta. A foto está anexada em baixo.

The closest font I can find is Futura Display, however it's not quite right. Look at the lower case t and uppercase's not a match. Anyone have any ideas? Any variants of Futura Display or fonts derived from it?

Also, this logo dates back to the 90s. So it couldn't be anything designed within the last 15-20 years.

From the designer:
Sinder began life as a custom block font that was begging to be distressed. Of course it was only an experiment, not to be taken seriously, until a customer needed a face of just about these proportions to give his "paranormal investigation" hobby an appropriately scary image. It was out of necessity, then, that I finished the entire font. It never pays to be caught off-guard at a critical point in a layout.

Available from MyFonts...

or for the try me free for personal use version...


Hey type geeks. :-) I'm looking for a new font for a book cover. It's for the author, Andy Andrews. If you look at the image below, notice the "the" in the title. I'm looking for something with similar flare, if you will. Appreciate any help. Thanks!!

Hello. I've been searching through countless font websites,trying to find these two particular fonts,and I've finally come here. In the first picture,I'd like to know what the font is called that says 'Skatey',and in the second one the one that says 'Celebrate with us!' and is flashing. It'd be greatly appreciated if you found them for me!

-Thanks in advance,

Hello,I've been through countless font websites,and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the name of this font: It's the one that says 'Skatey' as you could probably guess.

-Thanks in advance,

I'm not sure if this picture is going to attach correctly, but can anyone help me id the font in this photo?

I'd really appreciate any help!


When can I copy and sell an expired Typographer's or a current Foundry's type collection if it goes out of business? I am actually being serious when I ask this with sarcasm infused.

I have noticed that roughly in the last 10 years that with the evolution of the internet and software programs, that so many past font specimens have been converted into "updated" versions of typefaces. I realize from previous threads and the comments provided that this takes skill and is really some sort of talent to pull off effectively. That is nice.

I bet this question has been asked a million times: basically, is there anything out there other than Times New Roman and Arial for the most common cross-platform fonts (for print)?

I need to create a bunch of Word templates that use 'standard' PC fonts (like...Times, Cambria, etc. etc. that would be found on most PCs.) My non-profit client runs a conference that takes place in different cities every year; the documents are accessed by all the staff members, drafted and printed out just days before the conference starts, using rental and clients' PC computers set up in a hotel room-turned-office. Also, the hired local staff members (who change from year-to-year) sometimes bring their own personal laptops--who knows how old--further reducing the number of lowest common denominator fonts that can be used.

The workshop's logo is attached, below. I think the sans serif font is Interstate light, and the 'th' is Caslon 540 italic.

This summer I will have free time, and I'm very interested in starting myself in type design. I'm a graphic design student, and our typography teacher doesn't teach us to build type, just how to use it correctly.

So I'm wondering which font style is the easiest to start. I thought a script (maybe brush) would be easier because it doesn't matter if its a bit "incorrect" or some curves are not very good.

What do you guys recommend to me?

Hello font lovers :)

I've got an annoying problem (but then again, aren't all problems annoying?). Well here goes:

I've pursued an old idea of splitting a font in half — one font (half) containing the first set of fragments of each glyph, the second font (half) containing the rest of the fragments. I'm calling the font Unify 1 and Unify 2.

The idea is then to write something with a readable font, then duplicate the text you've just written and add Unify 1 to the first copy and Unify 2 to the second copy. To be able to read the whole thing, you need to put the two copies on top of each other and voila! It's complete.

That was the concept. Now to the problem, which I've explained in this short video:

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