i know its kinda a popular pixel font but i cant seem to find the right font.
i found it on military/discovery channels top ten and also this pic i made for the image search sites.

can anyone please help me get the right one.

Hello All

A type freak with basic knowledge regarding arabic type design, needs your help. Which Latin font would you say would go nicely with this sample? I will upload the rest of the characters shortly.


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What font...?

Any idea what font this is, and if there are any free or relatively cheap fonts similar...


Can anyone tell me if this is a Font or an Illustration please.



Does anyone know the name of the "Might and Magic" (I - VI) Logo-Font? (see attached image)

Thanks for help!

I'm on an endless search the for the name of this font. Would you kindly help me?


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1 font 1 brand 1 letter A-Z

I am looking for some assistance in building a list of brands. This will be an A-Z list of brands but the kicker is that the type face for each brand needs to be a known type face and the idea is to have as compelling of a brand and type face as possible.
I am starting the list with

A - American Airlines - Helvetica

I have created a google spreadsheet that I am keeping the list on and have left the privileges open in case anyone is so inclined to add directly to the spread sheet.

Any guesses? Not sure what it is but I have a client who would like to know. Thanks!


I am wondering if you can help. I'm trying to find out if the font for the Be-Ro logo is a custom font or if it is a typeface.

If you can identify any of the other fonts used, that'd be great too, although don't worry as it's mainly for personal curiosity.

Any help would be appreciated,


Would you have any advice on job search strategy for a professional font developer (15+ yrs of experience)?

Font design community is relatively small and personally I don't know much about it. Is freelancing common? Is technical font support done inhouse or outsourced? Does it make sense to look at large foundries or smaller independent shops?

The person in question does not design original fonts, she is font technical expert, knows all about font technologies of the last 15 years. (PS Type1, TrueType, OpenType, manual font hinting, kerning, bespoke fonts production, ClearType optimizations)

How do I to makret her services to the world?

The font I'm looking for is the one that is usually on those old red and yellow propaganda posters that say things like "Rise up!" and have pictures at fists and hammers at the bottom. I feel like maybe they were old Soviet posters but I can't get a picture of one so I hope someone can help.

please what is the font used for Li Ning in this kit of Celta?


Hello! ,

I´m designing my first typography and I would like to listen to experts opinions because Im planning on presenting it on a type expo.

Thanks in advance , Looking forward to read you comments.




I'm in the process of creating my own visual identity and am looking for any advice on how to proceed. Let me explain the project briefly. I've settled on a word mark built around an ambigram of my initials, A,B. The ambigram will serve as a watermark for my illustration work and acts as a distinct element - i'm not planning on keeping the wordmark and ambigram together in the final layout.

The ambigram is meant to resemble a percentage mark by joining the letter 'a' on top of the 'b'. The forward slash though is only at a 15 degree angle, so I'm wondering if it's enough to make it look like a percentage mark, not just a unified a+b.

please help i need to know what this font is.

thank you :)

please help i need to know what this font is.

thank you :)

Hi everyone,

could any one of you help me out to really and once and for all understand the file nomenclature use for fonts?

For example this one


Is the T stands for "Text" or it stands for one of the many publisher or type foundry?

Please advise

Thank you very much

Over a year ago I started thinking of new font names, er...a theme of different font names for a different family of different styles :P At last, Beefcakes is in the final stages and is scheduled for release on August 20th, w00t! It is the first of the "Cakes" series, a collection of display fonts inspired by various brush lettering styles. The series will include Beefcakes, Babycakes, Hotcakes, Paddycakes and Sweetcakes, and as each typeface is unique (not to mention time-consuming to draw!) they will be released as they're finished...


Beefcakes, Babycakes, Hotcakes, Paddycakes and Sweetcakes are trademarks of Rebeletter Studios and may be registered under certain jurisdctions.

Forza is Hoefler & Frere-Jones' terrific new family. A perfect broad shouldered companion to their recently released Vitesse (one of my favorite modern slabs) or strong on it's own. It was originally a font commissioned by Wired Magazine and I had wondered about the sans counterpart to Vitesse in the last issues I had picked up, but looks like Jonathan and Tobias new they had a solid one in the works. Allows the more discerning typographers/designers less forethought to matching Vitesse or other modern square slabs with a sans.

~ A


Hinwil is a hand made Mécane-Manuaire hybrid typeface created using the iPad. It is part of an ongoing personal project that I am working on currently to create a set of fonts using the touchscreen interface, some of which I aim to re-work into pro-versions over the coming months. The font is available for all to use for free and can be downloaded via the link below.

Download Hinwil


Sion is a geometric, experimental typeface created using the touchscreen of an iPad. The font is available for all to use for free and can be downloaded via the link below.

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Starcraft 2 Trailer Font

Hi everyone,

what is the font in Starcraft 2 Trailer "Ghost of the past"?

Thanks for answer.


Hey guys I could use some help on IDing this font. Any ideas?

I'm in the mist of starting a curated store/gallery in San Francisco and online that will focus on limited edition fashion, furniture, music,design, objects, art books and magazines from a specific region. The first region I'm going to focus on is Belgium. It will be a collection with vintage industrial pieces as well as "cutting edge" contemporary pieces.

I'm calling the store Highlight which is the brand name that will expand to include Highlight Belgium, Highlight California, Highlight Japan, etc. For every country or region I would like to use a specific font, however I would like the word Highlight to always stay consistent.

A few questions for you.

1. Does the community have any recommendations on a source for regional specific fonts?

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looking for a font

hello, i'd like to know the name of the font in the logo here:

Thank you.


I was hoping someone could help me - I'm currently trying to find the name of this font:

And then a free download to re-create it for a project.

If anyone can help, it's very much appreciated!

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