Anyone know what font BODYMASTERS is? Thanks!

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Groupon Fonts?


Does somebody know which fonts are used in the logo? (It can be best viewed directly on their site, also I'm uploading a version I have here). On the site it appears to be different?




I want to use arabic font in my web. I used cufon javascript to embed it. It has rendered the fonts but not showing properly. Font can be downloaded from here

Seeking some help if you can

Have a nice weekend.

Sheikh Naveed

need help identifying this font...i have found similar, but not exact..any font enthusiasts have a clue to what this font could be..need it to complete a project..
thanks in advance!!

I'm Giuseppe Salerno, Art Director of -Valencia Spain.

I'm developing some fonts, and i would like you to see my latest
creation called Vito Sans.

this typeface born during the summer of 2010, in a little town
called San Vito lo Capo in Sicily.
this uppercase font is perfect for when you want to use eye-catching
big texts for anything from posters and flyers for concerts, events,
parties, to cd covers, advertisements.

I hope you like like it!

thanks for your time.

I am very interested in finding out this typeface. Can anyone help me

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Font ID needed

This looks so familiar, but I can't identify it. Any ideas?

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Retro Movie Font

I'd like to find at least a lookalike of this font.

Thanks :)

Hey Everybody,

I was wondering if anybody could place this font. Any ideas? What font is "Riviera Club" in.


Hello. I've been a long time lurker, so I've finally decided to join in and get advice. I've been into fonts ever since I was a kid, especially those from logos. I design my own by shaping them on PowerPoint and transferring the glyphs to High-Logic's Font Creator Program.

Thus far I've done some modernized fonts based on the classic "Press Your Luck" logo; one is regular and the other is extended, but I have some fine-tuning to do (the corners of the letters are rounded or beveled, which I don't want). Ray Larabie is known for recreating fonts from logos, and though this is a parody in the same vein, do I need to seek legal permission before publishing the font?

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Hi everyone! Could you please help me to identify "Sky Captain" logo font?
Thank you very much in advanced!

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Atlanta magazine logo

Does anyone know what font the Atlanta Magazine logo is based on?

Hi everyone.

In creating my first personal identity, I've also ventured into creating my first letters. I'm very new at this so once again I'm asking for advice. I've posted information on this project a while ago and have since been heading in a different direction. Here is the original post.

If there are any ways to improve the wordmark, please share your thoughts.

I also need to choose a primary font to go with this, and so far I've been looking at large x-heights like Axel, Info, Unit, Meta. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

What is your typical process when selecting a name for a typeface you're designing...

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Uppercase Sans I.D.

This is a lay-up, I'm sure. I recognize the C, I just can't place it without the lowercase.


i know its kinda a popular pixel font but i cant seem to find the right font.
i found it on military/discovery channels top ten and also this pic i made for the image search sites.

can anyone please help me get the right one.

Hello All

A type freak with basic knowledge regarding arabic type design, needs your help. Which Latin font would you say would go nicely with this sample? I will upload the rest of the characters shortly.


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What font...?

Any idea what font this is, and if there are any free or relatively cheap fonts similar...


Can anyone tell me if this is a Font or an Illustration please.



Does anyone know the name of the "Might and Magic" (I - VI) Logo-Font? (see attached image)

Thanks for help!

I'm on an endless search the for the name of this font. Would you kindly help me?


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1 font 1 brand 1 letter A-Z

I am looking for some assistance in building a list of brands. This will be an A-Z list of brands but the kicker is that the type face for each brand needs to be a known type face and the idea is to have as compelling of a brand and type face as possible.
I am starting the list with

A - American Airlines - Helvetica

I have created a google spreadsheet that I am keeping the list on and have left the privileges open in case anyone is so inclined to add directly to the spread sheet.

Any guesses? Not sure what it is but I have a client who would like to know. Thanks!


I am wondering if you can help. I'm trying to find out if the font for the Be-Ro logo is a custom font or if it is a typeface.

If you can identify any of the other fonts used, that'd be great too, although don't worry as it's mainly for personal curiosity.

Any help would be appreciated,


Would you have any advice on job search strategy for a professional font developer (15+ yrs of experience)?

Font design community is relatively small and personally I don't know much about it. Is freelancing common? Is technical font support done inhouse or outsourced? Does it make sense to look at large foundries or smaller independent shops?

The person in question does not design original fonts, she is font technical expert, knows all about font technologies of the last 15 years. (PS Type1, TrueType, OpenType, manual font hinting, kerning, bespoke fonts production, ClearType optimizations)

How do I to makret her services to the world?

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