Ok, so it is that inevitable time in every brand's life when it must be made into a website.

In this case the printed materials would use Gotham Narrow as a body copy font. The question is, which is more like Gotham Narrow: Tahoma or Verdana, and why?

I have adjusted size and tracking to get all three into the same basic space and configuration. Please forgive any little issues.

I am eagerly awaiting interesting comparative notes. Thanks in advance!

Hi everyone, I have always wanted to study typography but never got the chance to do it. I couldn't get into design school because I don't have any design/art background. Currently I'm studying a course that has nothing to with typography/design. I have studied the course for a year and finally realized that I want to pursue a career in typography/design. I will be joining, well actually forced to do national service as it is mandatory in Korea. I want to use my time wisely in the service and study typography but I don't have a clue where to start. Do you have any suggestions on how to study typography? I'm interested anything with typography and eventually want to design fonts.

I will not be able to use a computer for personal use so anything with computer is out of picture.

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SPEED Nike Font

Can anyone tell me if this font is designed for Nike specifically, or, is it available for purchase through another designer?

On their apparel design page it is listed as the font 'speed'.

I've been searching for it but haven't found any answers yet.

Thank you for your help


I am trying to find out what this typeface is called -

It's from the Port Magazine website (

Could anyone recommend similar fonts, if unable to identify exactly? Any help would be appreciated.


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Any Font Editor for iPad?

Is there any font editor for iPad available in the market?
Also, is there any way to install any of the desktop softwares (OSX or Win) in an iPad?

The only one I found is iFontMaker. I didn't try it, It seems nice, but I think will be great to have something more professional.

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would like to use this for a logotype...

i have been seeing this around for a while i think...

i used to be up on any new font.. but i'm slipping..

i have a good example.. would any font lover know this one..?

thank you very much...

i appreciate your time and expertise

Hello guys,
i just wanted to announce the afrobeat font family.

have a nice day

Hey guys,
Could you plz help me identify this font ?
I would really help me...
Thank you in advance

Hey everyone, I'd like to introduce a fresh new face from Niramekko. Plau is the name and it's available at MyFonts:

The description:
Futurist typeface from the programming era, Plau is a sans-serif with rounded corner personality and interestingly deliberate lettershapes. Comfortable in headlines, reads surprisingly well in longer passages of text.

Also looks quite interesting on the screen.

Hope you guys like it.

Can anyone ID the font used here for RAILINGS INC.? Looks so familiar, just can't put my finger on it.

I'm need to recreate this logo for my band. This was created before I joined but I can't figure out what font was used. Any ideas?

Normally i dont second guess other "designers" but there are many things that make me question this person hand drew this typeface.
So im looking for anyone who might have seen it before, specifically the lower case glyphs since the uppers are easily modified for variation(unless you are a complete newb).

Does anyone know how to set some parameters that restrict a font to specific sizes? In my case, I need the character to be no smaller than 12pt and no bigger than 72pt. I would like the character to change to another character for sizes smaller than 12pt or bigger than 72pt.

Is this sort of thing possible in FontLab 5 with the OpenType programming panel?


I wonder if anyone knows what the font is that? Help would be appreciated, thanks for your time!

No name for this bugger yet. It's my first attempt at creating a full alphabet plus punctuation for an actual font release! Inspiration came from a custom logotype I created that was not commissioned, it's a great excuse to dive into FontLab and see what it's all about. This will be an all caps display font, released at some point this year. Here is a screenshot of the regular and outline versions. I've attached a PDF for closer inspection.

Hello I would like to show you may latest font:

Ratatan Font

This font has been driving me nuts....does anyone have any ideas, as to what font this is? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Font similar to a bite

had this font before, reinstalled windows and now its gone and I cant find it anywhere again.

theres also a white background version thats kind of the negative of this. but they should be together.

(and yes those are two forward slashes (//))

would really appreciate it if someone found out what it was.


Hi. Everyone I recently created my first font "Free money". I thought a good way to show it off would be to create a title sequence for the 1931 version of Frankenstein with my font as the main element. Check it out.

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Name of wave-like font


I have seen a font some time ago, but I don't have a photo and I have no idea how to find it. I remember it was used for a corporate identity of an architect. It is a font which has some kind of wavy baseline, it reminds me of water. The letters were somehow added on top of the waves. Here's an image of the wavy baseline:

I am looking for the name of this font. Does anybody know what font this could have been?


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Need Help

I purchased this font back in 2002 and have since replaced my computer. Unfortunately, my computer crashed before I got rid of it so what mattered more was saving my documents versus my fonts. Anyhow, I need help identifying the font so I can rebuild my company logo. Thanks in advance!


Any idea what this font is? Thanks!

Hey all.

I am a new font designer (though not new to the art of typography) and I have recently finished creating my first completed font. It's a TrueType font. It's a highly original and stylish display type of font.

Anyway, I was thinking I was gonna try to make some money with it, and was wondering if anyone out there could offer some guidance and advice. Anything I should know about finding and dealing with a distributor? Do I need to make them sign something to keep from getting ripped off if they prove to be scandalous? (I'm always suspicious I guess)

I'd rather not have to market it myself even if I had my own website, setting up a shopping cart system etc..

Thanks in advance.

I am selling my House Industries 10 year book, it is in perfect condition, it has never been opened and is still in its plastic wrap and comes with all the original font CDs. (I was accidently send two copies when I ordered it and it is now too late to get a refund!) Contact me at if you are interested.


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