Our company has a simple logo on our cards, letters, etc.: F&I. The font used to create the logo was lost years ago, and now I am trying to identify it. Any ideas?

I have uploaded an image with the font that I am looking for. Cannot seem to find it anywhere and read that you guys are the best when it comes to identifying fonts. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Came across that font while installing some new brush sets and fell in love with it.

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Script font

Dear All,

I need to identify this font.

Thanks everyone!!


I'm trying to identify the above font. From my online research it seems closest to the lowercase letters of the DTC Plaza family, but the C and the A are not quite right.

This is from a logo designed many years ago - so it is probably an older font, if that helps.



Does anyone know the font used in the Tippecanoe Lake Logo? Thanks!

Can someone please help me identify the font for the word Atchafalaya with the posted image? I appreciate it. Thanks!

I'm looking for a web font that will closely match Trade Gothic, specifically the condensed, bold condensed, and bold no. 2 styles.

I know that Franklin Gothic is available as a web font, and Trade Gothic is also available as a web font from Monotype under a subscription, but any other recommendations from TypeKit, Webtype, etc. would be greatly appreciated!



I have searched and searched, used What the Font and Identifont a couple dozen times and I still cannot find this font. I say "Huge Challenge" because no one seems to know what font these are.

I would appreciate it if you guys could find both fonts, but especially the "E.T." font.

Hi guys, I'm new to this website and was wondering if any of you could give me some feedback on a logo I've worked up for a design agency. Thanks.

I tried searching for this, but had no luck, so sorry if it's been covered.

I noticed in illustrator there are some weird anti-aliasing issues. I don't seem to get this in raster programs like Photoshop, the font look a lot better. They seem to look thinner than they really are, especially when you are zoomed out, but only in illustrator. are there any suggestions or tips you have for designing with fonts in illustrator? I've been told I should use InDesign, but it doesn't have all the design tools I want/need.

Hi there! Does anyone have any information about the sans serif font, Compacta? My classmate and I were assigned to this font and are required to do a research on it. So far i have got the year it was created and the creator, Fred Lambert. I need the history of the font; eg. why is it named compacta, how the designer came about this design. We failed this assignment as we did not have enough information and now are given a second chance. Pls pls help us if you know anything or if you have any related links! Thank you so much!!

Hey there Typophiles!
I've been interested in type for some years now but never really tried myself at this discipline.

I recently started thinking about a simple sans-serif font, based on my natural way of drawing letters. So I opened a Tumblr to document my creation process and share some studies on well known sans-serif fonts (mainly Helvetica, Futura and Century Gothic). What you'll find now is pictures of some of my very first drafts and visual studies of those fonts (comparing sizes, angles and so on, trying to understand their logic). And hopefully you'll find in some weeks/months/years a final OTF file for you to download.

Here's the site!

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What font is this?

I took these pictures off a shirt. I'm not sure if they are the same or different fonts, but I'm trying to find both because I'm trying to make a copy of the shirt with a different back. I want the shirts to match as perfectly as possible. Thanks!

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Unknow font

Hi Guys,

nice to stay here for the very first time.

I need to know the name of this font

Thanks for help

Guido - Italy


Hello good people of the typophile forums. Could any of you identify this font for me? Menards Store Logo I've been looking on and off for years. Now I'm getting serious. :-) Thank you.

I'm looking for this font:

Obviously there has been work to making it 3D looking, but I was curious as if the base font exists or if it was handmade using the pen tool.


Can someone please identify what the font is for the page number please?

Here's a font I like a lot off of the cover of last months Wired issue (Feb 2011).
I'm hoping that someone here could help me identify this font since I can't find any other resources.
-Thanks SA


I'm about to try to sell my first font and introduce it to the world, but...

How do you protect your fonts from being stolen by someone who could take them and rename them, and claim that they were the original creator and sell them themselves or whatever they want to do with them?

What measures do you take to protect your fonts from this kind of thing?

Thanks in advance.

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A cuddly fat font

Care to critique these lowercase forms? Still working on the /y/, but I'd like some input on the rhythm so far and how it can be improved. Not too happy with that /s/, though. I just saw Sudtipo's newly released Fiancé which has the same soft-ness I'm going for. It has what I call a baby s...maybe I'll take cues from that.

Can someone help me with Laura Worthington Fonts pack


Thanks in advacne

Hi there,

I'm really needing to find out the font used for 'wedding' in this header for If anyone happens to know what it is, I'll be eternally grateful!

The header can also be found on this page:

What are these fonts?
I'm doing a project for school to make an editorial based on an existing magazines layout. So I just need to know the fonts used. I know what the body copy font is for the Cosmopolitan but I dont know what font is used for the headers.

Monotype Imaging Adds the Bradley Type Handwriting Fonts into the ITC Typeface Collection

Newest Releases Extend the Versatility of Designer Richard Bradley's ITC Bradley Hand Fonts

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE), a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has released the six-font Bradley Type™ family of handwriting fonts into the company's ITC® typeface collection. The newest additions can be licensed and downloaded from Monotype Imaging's, and stores. Bradley Type is also available for website design from Web Fonts.

Designed by calligrapher, lettering artist and type designer Richard Bradley, the latest design is intended to be a versatile counterpart to his ITC Bradley Hand™ fonts, released in 1995. "Typefaces are rarely designed in response to public demand, but that's exactly what led Richard back to the drawing board to create Bradley Type," said Allan Haley, director of words and letters at Monotype Imaging. Bradley said, "After listening to so many graphic designers ask for a version without ITC Bradley Hand's rough edges, I knew I had a mandate."

Looking to identify this type that's commonly used for headlines in NY Magazine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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