What is the font used for the name in the picture?

Hi! hope you can help me with this, I have ages trying to find it and my client doesn´t remember which typography was used in his logo. Thanks in advance!

Does anyone know what fonts the Telegraph use? I believe the serif is a custom typeface. So if anyone can suggest what they think it was based on or something similar.
Also any suggestions what the san serif is?


Found this font button on a site. can't figure out what the font is though because it doesn't turn up with that font it just automatically adjusts to arial.

anyone know? i have a crappy vista laptop with virtually no disk drive space or memory, so i don't have a microsoft word program that i can just look up what font it is

i think Comic Sans is an ordinary-famous font in the whole world. Why do some people (especially typographer and type design) hate that font?

Its just a font. I think the hater just have bit of envy of that font's popularity beside that's 'un-good' work. I think the worth of a font is reflected by people response instead the type designer. Because the consumer of the font is people, not the type design. People ignore design that ignores people.

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The best software for amateur

What is the best font-making software for amateur?
the easy interface and easy to learn quickly and have the competitive features


Please help me out with the Fonts in this logo? Thank you!

"Wachovia is now Wells Fargo....Our commitment to service" what type is this?

Has anyone read anything on the topic of the use of font in picturebooks? Is there any literature about using typography in children's literature? I am looking for non-academic or non-education related pieces about this. There is something THERE when you look at children's picturebooks. The fonts are well done (mostly) and fit the theme and motif of the books in a lot of cases.

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Hi guys! Am desperately looking for the stunning typeface used on the Loewe AG site
See reference here

Will be v grateful if anyone can help.

Hello everyone,

The company I work for is currently going through a re-branding process to mark our anniversary.

We have had a logo designed and the font in it is Geosans. As part of the work we do, we produce a lot of written reports along with quotations and letters.

Does anyone have any suggestions on fonts that will go well with Geosans?

Thanks in advance.



This is driving me crazy! I'm sure it's something really obvious. The lower central bar of the E and B reminds me of art deco fonts....Any help will be greatly appreciated :-)

Hello Everyone!

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Type I Find

Hello Everyone!

Im currently looking for artists and type lovers to help fill the pages of "Type I Find".

•Check out the site.
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•"like" it on Facebook.

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Anyone know this font?

I would really like to know the name of this font and possibly where to find it.


Hi Typophiles,

I think this may just be a custom font, I've tried What The Font, and similar sites but have had no luck. Hopefully you can enlighten me.

This is from a logo so maybe the original font my have had "holes" in the d's and the r's.

Thanks in advance from your friendly neighborhood BATH MAN

Our company has a simple logo on our cards, letters, etc.: F&I. The font used to create the logo was lost years ago, and now I am trying to identify it. Any ideas?

I have uploaded an image with the font that I am looking for. Cannot seem to find it anywhere and read that you guys are the best when it comes to identifying fonts. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Came across that font while installing some new brush sets and fell in love with it.

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Script font

Dear All,

I need to identify this font.

Thanks everyone!!


I'm trying to identify the above font. From my online research it seems closest to the lowercase letters of the DTC Plaza family, but the C and the A are not quite right.

This is from a logo designed many years ago - so it is probably an older font, if that helps.



Does anyone know the font used in the Tippecanoe Lake Logo? Thanks!

Can someone please help me identify the font for the word Atchafalaya with the posted image? I appreciate it. Thanks!

I'm looking for a web font that will closely match Trade Gothic, specifically the condensed, bold condensed, and bold no. 2 styles.

I know that Franklin Gothic is available as a web font, and Trade Gothic is also available as a web font from Monotype under a subscription, but any other recommendations from TypeKit, Webtype, etc. would be greatly appreciated!



I have searched and searched, used What the Font and Identifont a couple dozen times and I still cannot find this font. I say "Huge Challenge" because no one seems to know what font these are.

I would appreciate it if you guys could find both fonts, but especially the "E.T." font.

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