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Naming a font – trademark


Can anybody tell me if it is necessary to trademark a font name or the design prior to its release? Is there anywhere of searching if another released font shares the same name as your own font? (apart from Google searches)

I've got some PostScript Type 1 outline fonts that I need to convert for use on a PC.
What tool is the best to use?

If a foundry asks you to send them the font (the actual .otf file) before you have signed a contract with them, how can you be sure that they won't just outright steal it from you and claim they did it? You did all of (or at least most) the work for them already, after all. What if they ask for the FontLab file? I'm kind of leery about handing that over to someone, even if they are supposed to be reputable, before they've signed anything.

It doesn't have to be a contract, but is there some kind of document that I can ask them to sign first, that will protect me?

I have been using the font for my business for over 13 years. When iprint changed to new management they dropped my font and all knowledge of letterhead, envelope, business card, mugs, etc, etc designs.

I need to know the 'name' of the font so that I can continue to use it.


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Obama Hope poster font


Anyone knows which font is used on the Obama Hope poster?

This makes me really curious. I've found one result on google suggesting Gotham, but the 'P' isn't really matching. What do you guys think?

Does anyone know this font? Please help and thank you

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Can you tell me what font this is?

I need to match this sans serif font. Can someone tell me what it is?


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Fonts used in the 80s

Hey Typophiles

I sure hope someone out there can help me.
Currently i am in the middle of writing an essay about the style in the 80s, including everything from fashion to magazine design.
I am having a bit of trouble though finding any info on what types of fonts where used back in the 80s, for magazines, ads and the likes.

If someone could direct me towards some sites with info, or perhaps share some examples on fonts and how they where used, that would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance :)

Dear Typophiles,

On 7th May, we'll make small internal celebration for our 3rd birthday since we published our first font family under our label – Tour de Force Font Foundry.

We would like you to suggest one our font family that you'd like to see with discount 50% off!

The list of font families can be found here:

Place your vote on Twitter (!/tourdefonts) until 4th May, we'll count them all and choose the one most voted and make it available for the 7th May only.

We'd like to thank all nice people we met (mostly online), experiences they shared, things we learned and all our old and new customers.

Thanks all.

- Dusan

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What's this Font?

What's the font? please help me!!!

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The Average Font

The Average Font:

Any idea what this font might be, or even what might be close to it? My client would like to use it as a logo, and I'd like to use the font elsewhere in his designs.

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Looking for critique on this project

Hi, guys,

I am looking for some critique on this project. It started as a sketch of the uppercase characters & developed into lowercase. I am wondering whether to introduce some weight to this project as the negative space in some of the lowercase glyphs contrasts a lot with the uppercase.

Does the x height of the lowercase fit the cap height ok? I looked at Gotham Condensed Bold for some guidelines on vertical proportion.

Would appreciate any feedback from you experts out there.



I made my own font in Fontographer 5.1 and "luckily" downloaded FogLamp Demo version and converted font to TTF and installed.I opened Adobe Illustrator,typed few letters and I see these strange discolorations on some characters;watermarks.After I figured out this information,I tried to search for full version of FogLamp on,but nothing was there;so I googled and all you can find is demo version. Does anyone know,where to find any converter that converts FOG files(.fog) without leaving watermarks(possibly full version for free)? Thanks for a lot!

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Detellos pizza

Cannot for the life of me identify the script used for "Detellos" any help would be much appreciated.

Hello everyone!
We are a group of students doing a visual identity project about Como, Italy. We need font suggestions for the logo of the city we created: it should be sans serif and possibly coherent with the different identities of Como (romanesque decoration, rationalist movement of Terragni, liberty-inspired elegance). Attached some images of reference.
We were thinking of Neutraface because of its geometry matching that of our logo, but it turned out to be a predictable choice and the result was too "fascist".

Thank you very much for your help.

I feel like I've seen this ornament hundreds of times, yet I cannot figure out what typeface it belongs to. I've tried various type id systems and none have identified it. Can anyone help? Much thanks!

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fony inquiry

Hello! Does anyone know what this font is called?

Please let me know!!! Thanks!!!

Does anyone know the font name of the body copy of Gene Simmons/ Shannon Tweed's wedding invitation?

"Saturday, the first of October
Two thousand eleven
Half-past five in the evening
The Beverly Hills Hotel
9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California"

Thank you so so much in advance!! :)

I was wondering if someone can ID this font that I found in a magazine which I would like to use for my work. It resembles Alba a little bit, but it is not Alba


Emboss Fonts creates highly personalized fonts for the Mac & PC, Stephen Boss (owner) has been designing fonts since the Mid Nineties. In addition to designing fonts for distribution, he consults on custom corporate projects. The foundry currently has several new designs in queue.

Helfa is a typeface that has been thoughtfully planned, lovingly drawn, and carefully crafted by Delve Withrington. Although a new, original type design Helfa will at once seem like an old friend. With a range of five useful weights and five corresponding true italics all in OpenType format, Helfa is a typeface that has what is needed to do the job right.

Helfa Regular and Italic are available for free. A complimentary copy can be downloaded from:

Creators of the Original Georgia and Verdana Fonts Collaborate to Expand their Versatility

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has released the Georgia® Pro and Verdana® Pro typeface families, available from Originally designed by Matthew Carter 15 years ago and adopted by every major computer operating system, Georgia and Verdana are now available as Pro families. Each comprises 20 weights and features advanced typographic capabilities and extended character sets.

Birdy was especially created during the Graphic Design Walk as part of the London Design Festival.The event was organised by the team of GraphicBirdWatching who invited TypeTogether to participate. Veronika was drawing live this new typeface, Birdy, conceived there and then. A projector allowed visitors to follow her drawing letters and gave opportunity to ask questions directly about the design process. Birdy is now available for free to download. The character set is limited to upper- and lowercase a some basic punctuation. An extension is in progress. Keep in touch for updates.

Monotype Imaging Introduces the Parkinson Electra Typeface Family

Inspired by the 1930s Electra Typeface, Parkinson Electra Offers New Vitality in a New Design

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has released the 6-font Parkinson Electra® typeface family, available from Designer Jim Parkinson based his design on the 1930s work of William Addison Dwiggins, whose Electra typeface created for the Linotype® collection has been widely considered a classic book face of the 20th century.

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