Can someone tell me the name of this font or something similar?

Yesterday I introduced "IndyFont" to the InDesign community, there might be some interested parties over here as well, both in practical use as in technical details :-)

IndyFont is a Javascript that runs under InDesign CS4 and newer, on both Mac OSX and Windows, and which converts vector art in an InDesign document to an OpenType font.

Does anybody know what font this is?

Thanks much

Hi I'm looking for this font type. If there are other nice script fonts you think would work well for boat lettering please let me know. The name of the boat is "Stream Weaver". Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks kindly

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a text font (sans serif?) for a website in which all the titles are in Brandon Grotesque. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

The Power of the Engine

Victorian revivals and inspirations often seize on the period’s tendency toward florid decoration. However, the times were also the final surge of the industrial revolution, a time that witnessed the ultimate development in steam, diesel and oil: engines of all kinds. Engine Nine captures the nitty-gritty of a hard-boned indomitable age, boundless in its faith in the technologies of iron and steel, tempered by half-remembered neo-classical details such as the verticality of neo-gothic windows, and finely detailed finials. It’s all here in the brute strength of the verticals, the blackness of the tight setting, the contrasting delicacy of the terminal serifs.


I would like to purchase a starter set of fonts that I could use on some websites that I develop and host. Ideally I'd like a starter kit that has a nice range of fonts for use in headings and body, so that I can give different websites different look and feel.

Any suggestions of starter kits I might look at? It needs to be something that has a suitable license for use on websites?



Hello everyone, Just joined this wonderful site because I really am becoming a Typophile...
Literally spent mostly every waking moment this weekend downloading, buying, trying, discovering, making, testing, and learning about font. I am starting to dream in type! Gotta space out my passions.. Losing time for Graphic Design, and Web Design..

But anyway, I am curious. Is it just me? or does Typophile only use Helvetica as its Typeface?

I know Helvetica is an amazing font, and perfect for easy reading and easy on the eyes, but you would think there would be more implementation of other typefaces in a sleek show of how typography can make any design amazing.

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What the Font?

Help me to identify these fonts, please.

Hi. I'm looking for helpful feedback about my direction, both in choosing and adapting Freehand521 for a start-up clothing company.

If anyone knows this font please help. Thank you.

Hi All

I couldnt find this font with the help of any automatic upload resources since the image quality is bad but if any knowledgeable kind person could help me out with some decent font suggestions at this I would really be grateful. Thanks a ton in advance and have a nice day !

I hope im posting in the right section if not im sorry i shall edit it if someone could guide me? thanks again

I've always said "gill" as in "gill of a fish." However, a fellow student always pronounces it like the girls name "Jill". Which is correct?

I just got an iMac and wondered, why all the Indian-name typefaces? I assume they include Indian character glyphs, but why so many? Why are they seemingly the same? For example, the following look (nearly) identical (and these probably aren't even comprehensive because I stopped at "M"):

Set 1:


Set 2:

Bangala Sangram
Devanagari MT
Gjuarati Sangram
Inai Mathi
Lao Sangram
Myanmar Sangram
Malayalam Sangram

Just curious.

Can you guys identify this font? Your answers will be very much appreciated! I just need it for my website. I need to create new logos :-(

Thanks in advance! :)

hey, I am looking for ideas for a type similar to this. I know this one is probably hand drawn... but anyone have ideas for something that could get me in the ball park?

thanks in advance.

Simplepolator allows you to interpolate compatible glyphs in the same font, without leaving FontLab nor interrupting your workflow.

Simply select two compatible glyphs and run the macro:
Five new glyphs will be automatically created, allowing you to choose the best variation.
Making it super-easy to apply the Gunnlaugur SE Briem's method on "How to make mistakes.

A quick video showing how to use it:


For Immediate Release:
Alameda, CA - May 24th, 2012

Delve Fonts releases Oktal Mono, a new typeface by Joachim Müller-Lancé and Erik Adigard.

A monospaced type family composed of entirely mono-linear and modular structure, Oktal Mono first began in a design-philosophical discourse between Joachim Müller-Lancé and Erik Adigard of the design studio M-A-D in Sausalito, California. The typeface later came to life as a design experiment wherein a type designer (Joachim) and a graphic designer (Erik) collaborate each in their own capacity, from within their respective disciplines.

Does anyone know the font in this logo? Would appreciate the help.

Thank you

The person who originally made this logo file did not create a vector version. That, or they won't give it to us.

Need the tagline font only — "& bake shop." Please let me know if you have any ideas or know of anything similar. Thank you!!!!

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The name of the font
I want to know the name of the font, in which " EK main aur ek tu" is written.
THanks in advance

Can anyone help me identify this font please.
It is the big "M" I am looking for.


Designer Named to Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business

-Read Fast Company's profile on Nadine:

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Nadine Chahine of Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. was named today to Fast Company's 2012 ranking of The 100 Most Creative People in Business. Chahine, who designs Arabic typefaces at Monotype's Germany-based subsidiary, Linotype GmbH, was recognized alongside individuals from a variety of professions who use creativity for transforming industries and reinventing the world in which we live.

Does Anybody Know What's The Most Similar Font For Both Of These Styles?

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