Hi, I'm looking for an ID of both fonts used on this image of an old radio dial. Both the font that the numbers are in, and also the 'am' 'fm' font. Or just something very close would be great.


Hi guys!
I am new to this forum, and really desperate of figuring out what font they used on this girls tattoo!
I haven't got one clue, of what it could be, so I really depend on you all!:)

Hi Guys,

im looking for a Sans Serif used on this Website .

I also attached a sample.


I know this is a long shot, but can anyone ID this font? Unfortunately, the only characters I got are the ones you can see at the attached image.


Looking for the name of this font similar to Brush Script. The H's look differently. See attachment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Can anyone tell me this what the name of this font is?

I tried every website, like [Whatthefont] and others.

if anybody else needs any other reference, I found out that the [rage usa] website uses this for their title logo.

Thanks in advance,

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What is this font?

Hello, does anyone know the name of the header and copy font for this site

I would appreciate it if someone could identify this font or if they know of something very similar.

Thank you

I have been to identifont and whatthefont as well as a few font sites and can't seem to locate this one. It doesn't seem like it is too different from several other block fonts, just can't get a proper match! Any help is much appreciated!

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Ride Like That Fonts

i am looking for the font for the Words "RIDE LIKE THAT" on this cover

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what font is this

If anyone knows what font this is. You are very good!
It's the one underneath the black letters. Seems like a common one


I know this is a long shot, but can anyone ID this font? Unfortunately, the only characters I got are the ones you can see at the attached image.



I know this is a long shot, but can anyone ID this font? Unfortunately, the only characters I got are the ones you can see at the attached image.


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Font from the 2012 VMA's

Can anyone help me identify this font from the VMA's? Sorry for the small image.

I was wondering how one goes about modifying glyphs of the Amharic script to a specific distressed/display style, so it's still understandable to people reading it? I need to make an Ethiopian version of a custom designed latin logotype and would like the Amharic letterforms to retain the look.

Original latin logo:

A quick Amharic version:

Original Amharic script font:

Anyone know of any research or have any suggestions for commonly used fonts that have the below attributes set out by Dr. Robert Hillier?

[For]The majority of dyslexic readers tested it was the combination of handwritten style, uppercase forms, long ascenders and descenders, light weight, uniform strokes, perpendicular design and generous inter-word spacing that was preferred.p275 (Hillier, Dr. Robert ‘Sylexiad. A typeface for the adult dyslexic reader’ in Journal of writing in creative practice Vol. 1, Number 3. 2008. P275 – 288)

This is for a logo for a design studio. Going from left to right there's 4 pages. Please tell me which type looks best here and what can be done to refine it at it's best.

The ones in dark using a 4HB pencil are the ones Id like to choose from, but let me know what is suitable and whatwould be the best way to refine it if it needs any.


Or some similar?

Thanks in advance !!

Any body recognize this script/handwritten font? Thanks so much for your help, it's much appreciated. :)

I'm currently working on the branding for a new organisation and I was helping someone could help me pair up a typeface.

We're under fairly strict confidentiality restrictions with this client, but what I can tell you is that the business will be operating in the student market throughout Europe. At the heart of the brand is a sense of functional simplicity. Nothing is superflous with their products; everything is considered, intelligently designed and included for a reason. Style is important as well but it's very much a brand that is not consciously trying to be cool. As you can see, we're hardly talking distressed/grungy typefaces here.

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Cool Serif Font

Looking to ID this font for a project.
It is possible that the creator of this graphic altered the lowercase letters to be the same size as the uppercase letters.


Here is a difficult one, because the letters are close and it can be complex to identify.
So thanks in advance !!

I'm looking for the name of the font in this picture. It is the logo for the Down East Magazine in Maine.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance, Chris

Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out what the font is for the words "the" and "factors" in this picture. I know the X is part of the bladerunner font, but I have no idea what the other font is. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much!!

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