This is the first real font I've ever designed and this is my project for my diploma. It's planned as a font for headlines and sub-headlines in a culture magazine (It doesn't necessarily have to work under 14p). I know that it has small serifs, but I decided to post it into the sans-serif forum nonetheless since I don't really know where to post it otherwise. It's not a serif font because there are only serifs at the bottom and not on every glyph.

I can't present much, I've just done the lower cases, but I hope that I'm going to get some useful feedback here in what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong.

Hello Typophilers,

I was wondering if you guys can help me identify Bruce Mau's "¡GUATEAMALA!" project typeface.

Typeface below:


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Barkentina Typeface Free Serif Font

Barkentina is a new font with full set of correct Bulgarian Cyrillic letters. It contains also Ligatures and Small Caps. It's a display typeface, focused on elegant, stylish and art-deco looking print and web materials.

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Which font is this?


Does anybody know which font it is in this picture?
It's used in a Swedish TV-show and I love it.

The "confessions of a" part in the attached picture. I've seen it around a lot (it doesn't seem like a super rare font) but don't know the name! Any help would be much appreciated.

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lost on these 2 fonts....

does anyone know what these 2 fonts are?

I was wondering how I should treat the styling on font/typeface names with an article I'm writing?
Do I simply capitalize it. Do I underline, quote, or italicize?

I'm designing a typeface family with three optical sizes (36pt, 72pt, and 144pt) and a few layerable weights per each optical size. I've been experimenting with how I can make each weight line up when layered on top of each other and I'm starting to pull my hair out.

I thought having the same width and left/right sidebearing info would be enough, but that's not the case. Since the weights aren't the same width (I have a regular weight and a 3D weight, for example), having the same metric info results in them not lining up.

Trying to identify this typeface. Originally considered it as a possibility for Times New Roman, but the "E" and "C" are distinctly different. The rest of the letters are so close to Times New Roman though, so I was wondering if it's possibly a variant of.

Sign is from some outlet store at a mall.
Thank you fo any help you can give!

Worst business name and logo ever, but a client is a client. Need this asap. If you have this font you will know it for sure. Ive never seen anything this awful.

Thank-you and be well,

Really need some help working out what font this is? Looks familar but cant find it anywhere.

Please help me either identify this font or suggest a company that provides the service of identifying fonts. Please & Thank you!

Can someone please help me identify this font? I've definitely seen it several times before but can't for the life of me find it! Thanks in advance :)

Need help in identifying this font from the 1980s British movie a month in the country.

Can't seem to find it anywhere, any help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated.

Please see attached screenshot for a sample.

The Ks are very distinctive.

Hi, this is the font i need help finding, any info would be much appreciated, thanks.

I saw this picture and I think I liked the font more than the picture itself. Can anyone help figure out what font it is?


Having a conversation on twitter.

This morning I was having a conversation with the foundry Swiss Typefaces (@swisstypefaces). They are in the process of designing a typeface called Euclid.

I responded asking them if it was inspired by the Dessau series of typefaces.

They responded “no.”

I was particularly interested in the similarities between the [&] and [a] in Dessau Pro Zukunft.

I’ll let you decide:

Dear experts,

What font is used in this logo?

I need it asap :)


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I am a student working on a project and wanted to know if anyone can help me ID the Nike front.

Thanks so much.

Does anyone know if there is a program I can use that will make a sample of all the typefaces in my library which can then be printed our or made into a PDF for reference?

Thank you.

Can someone please tell me what font is used for Simple.
Thank you so much;)

I've looked high and low. I have no idea what this font is.
Can anyone help?

Can anyone point me toward a font that is similar to the "ESELER" part of this wordmark?

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