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Does anyone know what’s the name of this font?:

Thanks in advance.

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What Font Is This?

Can someone please tell me what font this is?

Thank you for your help!

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Help - what font is this???

Can anyone help me decifer what font this is. I have tried the usual (and the not so too) but can't seem to find it. I can supply further pictures if required.

Thank you :)

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Font ID

Hi, Here's the other font i wanted to know. Thanks again for your help.

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Font help?

Hi, just want to know what font this is. It's a great logo too.
Thank you in Advance for you help.

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Font help needed

Hi, I'm looking for the font used in this logo (see attached). I appreciate your help.



Please help me to figure out the font of the attach image.

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Help me find a font

Please. Help me find the name of the font

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Help me find a font

Please. Help me find the name of the font

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Galatasaray font

Somebody! Help me with the Galatasaray font.

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Binary Craft

Smiley face

Here's another design I'm currently working on. Brand new Binary Design Soldiers font. I'm having fun with this one even though from a professional typographer's view they might look lame. Not sure yet how well it transcribed into b&w only (every letter is a little pixel fellow). A bit kitschy but I guess I find them charming that way.

Smiley face

Been trying to track this one down for the last week.
Can anyone help identify it?
Many thanks.

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Brisko Display

Introducing additional member of Brisko collection.

Brisko Display is alternate version of Brisko Sans Black.

Comes as single weight.

More on:

Available (or it will be soon) from:
ITC Fonts

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Brisko Sans

Introducing sans serif family called Brisko Sans.

Contains Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Black and matching Italics for all.

Bold and Bold Italics are available for free and could be downloaded from our website:

P.S. – Godfather of the typeface is Florian Hardwig who was kind enough to come up with really nice name!

Available (or it will be soon) from:

Any help identifying would be greatly appreciated.


I am looking for this font, (minus the additional grads and lines within). It looks like it may be 1920's or 1930's maybe?

Any help or similar font recommendations would be much appreciated.


Dear All

I'm looking for suggestions for fonts that give the feeling of the 'beat generation' please. In an ideal world they'd be US fonts circa 1948-55 but the date isn't an essential feature~ far more important is the 'beat' feel of the font!

I'm throwing this one open to you folks- any and all feedback very gratefully received!

Many thanks


I'm currently working on an event poster for a Fashion Show that will feature graphics that have an almost watercolor feel to them. However, I'm having trouble finding a font that's really a perfect feel to accompany it.

The image is very soft, floral and spring, but I do want a more modern feeling font to counterbalance this and ensure the poster doesn't run too old.

Does anyone have any ideas about fonts that would interact well with watercolor images that aren't script?

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Capital Letter A

I had this font installed on my computer some years back and had a hard drive failure. I can't figure out what it is now that I want to go back and find it anew.

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Font ID html5

Hi everybody, i'm looking for the font of the number in the html5 logo.
Does anyone know?

Thank you.

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please to ID this font :)

Please help me to find out what is the name of this font. Thank you!!!


Do you happen to know what font is used on this book title?


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ID Please

Anyone know what font this is?

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